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5 Steps To Choose The Right Board For Your Child

5 Steps To Choose The Right Board For Your Child


  1. ICSE
  2. CBSE
  3. State Board
  4. The Five Important Steps To Choose A Board
    1. Set A Collective Goal
    2. Opt The Right School
    3. Discuss With Your Child
    4. Make The Best Of It

Five steps aren’t enough to describe which board for secondary education is perfect for your child. A whole book can be written on this subject and that too by each parent separately. When we talk about the Indian education system, there are many loopholes and problems at various levels of it, and as a parent, it comes naturally to you as a responsibility to identify them and opt for the best possible scenario for their children.

There are majorly three boards of education in India.

  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education).
  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • State Board


Now, as you can easily deduce the meaning and the reputation of these boards by their names, it is quite evident that parents grind themselves to get their children to admit into a CBSE or an ICSE board school but do not get us wrong, every board for secondary education has its importance and perks for students looking for different aspects in the syllabus and a school as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, a whole can be written on this topic as a long war has been going on for a decade now as to which board  for secondary education is the best or, as we say, CBSE vs. ICSE or CBSE vs. SSC.

Before announcing any particular board  for secondary education as the best one, let us first understand what these boards teach and how they differ.

Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board

This board  for secondary education affiliates an international curriculum and is best for your child if you, as a parent, keep moving from one part of the world to another. There is a good ratio of teachers for every child and provides the right guidance and support for the child’s overall growth.

ICSE board

It emphasizes on the growth of the child in areas in which no other board  for secondary education pays attention to. For example, it focuses not only on academic growth but on the vocational growth of each student. And pay special attention to English literature if you are planning to send your children abroad for higher studies and tend to make them sit in exams like GRE, TOEFL, and SAT. Thus it provides a radical approach and builds the social skills of the students.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board

CBSE board  for secondary education is understood to be comparatively easier than ICSE; this board is said to be the masters in theoretical knowledge, whereas the ICSE board for secondary education is more into the practical approach of teaching, and that sets apart the difference between these two. If you want your child to become an engineer and pursue IIT and JEE or other exams like NEET, this board  for secondary education shall serve the best for your children.

cbse board

Stats from the yesteryears effectively prove that more than 50% of the students who crack IIT are from the CBSE board, which earns this authority its reputation.

This board  for secondary education keeps your child updated with world affairs and acquires a holistic approach to learning.

State Board

It provides regional education and gives more importance to traditional and local culture; it is not given much reputation between CBSE or ICSE boards  for secondary education. It gives mentoring in a third language and thus makes your children bilingual.

If you want your children to go for local and state-level government opportunities, this board for secondary education perfectly shapes your ward.

The Five Important Steps To Choose A Board –

Understand Your Child’s Personal

Understand Your Child’s Personal

Before you get into the chaos of all of this, first of all, try to understand your child, each child is different in their way. Still, most of the parents do not understand it despite forcing their belief system on their children; it is imperative to get to know your child, else you will do what you will decide for them that won’t give you any return in the future.

Is she an artist, or is he an academic genius?

Is she good with language, or is he a Maths prodigy?

This is the most essential and initial stage of planning while choosing the right boards  for secondary education for your child.

Set A Collective Goal

Remember, you and your child are in this together, everything your child does reflects you, and everything you do will impact your child’s studies. Make it stressful, neither for yourself and nor for your child. Play it together. And only then you will be able to carve the best future for your ward.

Opt The Right School

We have been telling this all the time, always remember that your child goes to the school, not to the education system, and certainly not to a board’s  for secondary education office to learn and become educated.

Choosing the right school is a different story altogether, and it is not just about the school but the history of it, its culture, and its so-called behavior. When you choose a school for your child, you merge your reputation with the school’s reputation, and having said that; you just couldn’t make a mistake in doing so.

Is it a CBSE school or an ICSE school?

Does your child like school or not?

Whether this is a collective opinion of you and your child, or you are just forcing your decision on him?

Make sure you know the right answers to all such questions and queries, and then only come to a conclusion.

Research about every school you have on your list, ask your family and friends for feedback, read about them, do a full investigation and then only make the right and final decision for your child.

Discuss With Your Child

Every decision you take for your child has to go through the child and never be forced on them. Discuss every aspect of their education with them. It is your child who will attend the school, not you, it is your child who is going to ask for tuitions, and it is your child who is going to pass or fail in that exam.

Take your time to make the final decision; if your ward is even slightly doubtful about the future, slow down, and take time to assess it because once you have made the decision, there will be no time to take time.

Read blogs for parents’ tips, subscribe to a guide for parenting if necessary; all these small and banal steps will make a significant difference to your child’s future.

Make The Best Of It

an empty classroom

Just by carefully following the above five steps won’t win you the title of best parents ever; you have to be there for your child at every twist and turn. When your child shines, it is you who will illuminate, and it is your child only when he will fail you will be stressed about it.

Finally, we can only guide you to be good parents and keep in mind all the useful tips for parents that we gave you like reading parenting blogs, making sure that you know the difference between CBSE and ICSE boards, subscribing to parents guides and blogs.

Of course, you can change and make your child attend different schools at different years but treat this as a one time decision and make it last.

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