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Brain Games for Kids to Activate Thinking

Brain Games for Kids to Activate Thinking

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically.”

Famous activist Martin Luther King Jr., one of the flag bearers of the American civil rights movement, has stated the importance of critical thinking. This critical thinking capacity origins in the left part of our brain. It stimulates our energy, and we think rationally. Now, we all know that no machinery works without proper guidance. The human body is no less than a machine. You need to take charge of it and make it exercise in order to work. Brain games are exercises for children. 

Brain games are deeply intertwined with mathematics and logical reasoning. Your kids learn both exercises at ORCHIDS with a fun learning approach. Why do you not take it a little further and practice the same at home? There are numerous brain games for kids. Choose multiple games and engage your children gradually. The repetition of one game becomes boring. Therefore, you must introduce variety. Let us give you intricate knowledge about brain games now. 

What Is Brain Game

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres: left and right. The right hemisphere looks after creativity, spatial ability, artistic, and musical skills, while the left handles speech, comprehension, arithmetic, and writing.

Both hemispheres need exercise to produce the best possible results. The right part wants enhanced literature, songs and resources to encourage creative thinking. Brain games are for left brains that foster analytical thinking skills. These games are designed in such a manner that compels the player to think. The more children think analytically, the more aspects of a thing they come up with. Any general concept has three to four or more than that perspective. Generally, people with straight thinking look up to only one view, while your children with analytical thinking skills will be ahead of them. 

Some famous fun brain games for kids are Sudoku, Chess, Blue Block, Memory etc. 

How Brain Games for Kids Work

Introducing brain games to kids is difficult at first. These are not the usual kinds of games they have played since birth. There is a simple formula for this. Simply tell them the rules and start playing with them. Human minds derive pleasure from solving complicated concepts. Once they defeat the opponent in a mind game, they feel unique. Introduce that feeling to them, and your job is done! If needed, play in front of them with another partner. When they understand the basic rules, they will willingly play the game. 

Brain Activity Games for Kids

List of Brain Games for Kids Online & Offline 

With the progress of human civilisation, the number of brain games has increased. People have come up with new exciting games. Some brain games for kids include:


Sudoku is a Japanese game that deals with numbers. Children get introduced to the world of analysis through numbers. Sudoku is not only a game. It is an image of our lifecycle as well. The way we fill the empty parts of our life, sudoku demands us to fulfil a primarily open grid waiting for the rest of the numbers to get a perfect shape. Though the game seems incredibly simple, there is an exciting catch. You cannot repeat the number in the same row or column. The defining feature of this game is that it challenges your little one to think a few steps ahead and helps in planning. 


Memory games engage children very quickly with their exciting structure and graphics. This game ranks high among the top brain games for kids as it helps improve their memory. The objective of this game is to unpair all the similar flashcards in the grid. Cards with similar textures will unfold together. Otherwise, they will be kept hidden. 

Brain Fitness

So, if you are searching for the best brain games for kids, choose this unique creation specially designed to enhance kids’ thinking ability. As the name says, this game works with different parts of the brain, igniting the logical thinking capacity. This game is available online. 


Puzzle Game for Kids

Puzzles are always one of those old and familiar brain games for kids as it helps children to think and augment their eyes and hands movement ability. Contribution to their spatial reasoning power is also one of the best functions of puzzles. 

Word Hunt

When your child learns to recognise the alphabet and its usage in a word, their rational thinking capability starts enhancing. Word hunt is therefore recognised as one of the best brain games for children. The game incorporates flashcards with pictures and needs to be matched with the corresponding word that describes it. If a card has a picture of a tree, your kid must find another card with “bird” or “nest” written on it, which corresponds to the visual. 

Things to Remember…

Analytical thinking ability is a must-have thing for every person living on the earth to live life to its fullest. Brain games enhance rational thinking capacity and propel kids to imply it in their daily lives. Therefore, ORCHIDS prepares children with financial literacy and encourages them for implication in their regular life. 

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