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Top 5 Career Prospects in Arts and Crafts

Top 5 Career Prospects in Arts and Crafts

“Boy, what do you want to be when you grow up?” an older relative asked 5-year-old Dhruv, who was busy making clay models of animals. “An artist.” replied the little boy. “No, no, you should be a doctor or engineer or even a lawyer. Arts and Crafts are not appropriate fields for jobs.”

This is standard advice that all kids receive the moment they deviate from the popular professional career options, especially if they want to pursue a career in the arts. The most common reason is a lack of job opportunities. But what if I told you that arts and crafts have equally diverse income opportunities like any other field? Let’s clear up the misconception by learning about the top 5 career opportunities in arts and crafts: 

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

An interest in arts and crafts since early childhood can be a blessing in the field of graphic designing. Graphic Designing is easily one of the few avenues that will be in high demand for a long time. With the pace at which we are integrating the internet into all sectors of life, soon everything will have a virtual counterpart. Without graphic designers, the virtual world would be a barren place of boring text. Another advantage of designing that is not talked about is the freedom that comes with it. A person can work a stable 9 to 5 in a company or go freelance. They don’t even need to stay in one place forever if they pursue this career field. 


As long as we need products, there will be a need for advertising. Advertising requires an eye for details as well as thinking outside the box. Being proficient in arts and crafts leads to the development of creativity and imagination. In the advertising field, you can offer unique ideas and perspectives no one has ever used. An individual in this particular field has innumerable scopes, and an individual in advertising often ends up with a high income. Crafts for kids often require understanding and creating items that draw attention at a glance, a quality that is highly valued in advertising. 

Art professor

Art Professor

We cannot talk about career prospects in arts and crafts without taking into account teaching. Art professors and art teachers are essential faculty in any educational institution. You would be surprised to know that, similar to all subjects; you can be a professor in many different areas in this field. Your child can grow up to be an art professor, an art history professor, a designing professor, and much more. 

Museum Curator

A museum curator is a relatively unheard-of career in India, but it is considerably popular in countries abroad. To become a museum curator, you need to have in-depth knowledge about various artists and their art—modern and historical. A child who loves arts and crafts from a young age would have more extensive knowledge about art and its origins, making them an ideal museum curator. Since the field remains niche compared to popular career avenues, it opens up the scope of working in various other countries. 



When we think about illustrators, we consider books and comic book illustrators. But being an illustrator encompasses a much broader scope. For example, courtrooms and forensic teams need illustrators that can replicate faces from someone’s memory. Illustrators are required for medical books and journals. They are an essential part of fashion and film-making storyboarding. Ecommerce companies regularly hire illustrators to develop trademark characters and drawings for their brand. On top of it, there is always an avenue for a fine art illustrator. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Arts and crafts for kids open up multiple career fields and opportunities. In fact, a kid who likes the easy art and craft activities in childhood develops qualities that help in even non-art-related careers—arts and craft polish creativity, problem-solving, and presentation skills in children. The act of coloring and crafting strengthen their motor skills and control over movement. It also serves as a respite amid the endless studying and homework that a kid has to do.

As a parent, encouraging your kids to love arts and crafts is one of the best things you can do. No longer are we living in a world where pursuing science is the only way to be successful. It’s time to let kids and teenagers decide what path they want to walk in, even if it’s a lesser-known one.

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