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Fun Games to Improve Your Child’s Memory


Mautushi Paul




null mins read


To improve children’s memory, thinking, and concentration, you might want to try some fun activities. These memory activities or memory games help your child to remember things for a longer time. You can also increase a child’s concentration level by playing these memory games with kids. Not only that, the child will be able to learn new things through memory exercises or brain development activities.

10 Fun Ways to Improve the Memory of Your Child

Here is the list of 10 memory games that your kids will enjoy to improve your child’s memory.

1) Memory Game with Numbers

You need to tell the child some numbers. Then the child tries to repeat what you say by giving your child one minute. Tell some numbers again, and the child needs to remember the pattern of numbers you have said before. Repeat this activity for five consecutive days to improve the child’s memory more effectively.

2) Memory Matching Game

You need to get the child some face down cards on a surface like a table or a floor. Take two groups of these cards, turn them over and see if they match each other in number, shapes, colour, or picture. Then put one card under another card without letting your child know what is underneath the card. Do this for five minutes, and the child will improve the child’s memory effectively.

3) Concentration Game

Fill the child’s mind with lots of information about the child’s daily routine like brushing the child’s teeth, getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. After that tell the child to close his/her eyes and recall all memories that the child has done during the day. This game must be played immediately before the child goes to sleep at night to remember the details of what they have done during the day. This will improve the child’s memory by doing this game regularly.

4) Memory Lotto Game

You need to prepare lotto cards that contain pictures or words of items like toothbrush, bowl, spoon, etc. Now take two different groups of these items and write the child’s daily routine items in one group like toothbrush, brush, soap, etc. And in the other group include the child’s favourite toys like a doll, remote control car, etc. Now shuffle these lotto cards and let the child pick up any card without seeing it. The child must state what is written on this card correctly. So if a child picks up a lotto card that says toothbrush, then the child must say that it belongs to their daily routine group. This game helps in improving a child’s memory of both types of things, daily routine items as well as the child’s favorite toys.

5) Where are my shoes?

You will need your kid’s favourite pair of shoes for this game, which they do not wear often. Now hide this shoe in the child’s room or somewhere the child does not see it regularly. Now the child has to find the hidden shoes. This is an effective child’s memory game.

6) Memory Cube Game

This child’s memory game involves placing different coloured cubes (Red, White, Green, Blue, Yellow )in a large tray. And the child has to arrange them according to their colour only by looking at them once. This improves a child’s memory and mind power.

7) Where’s Waldo?

This child’s memory game has been very popular among children for a long time. This child needs to find out the hidden character ‘Waldo’ from a large group of people in the child’s room who are all dressed similarly in striped shirts, caps, and glasses. This child’s memory game will improve the child’s concentration power.

8) Memory Game Using Coins

For this child’s memory game, you will need some coins (50 of them ) like 50 Rupee or 50 Cent or similar currency coins of significantly less value, like 1 Paisa or something. Place these coins in the child’s room precisely at places where you think a child can see it easily but not find it easily. The child has to find each coin with the child’s memory by finding the same number of coins that the child has initially placed. After the child can identify all the cash, the child can put them back in order again and try their memory with something else instead of coins.

9) Memory Game Using Cards

This child’s memory game is similar to waldo child needs to find a particular character from a large group of given characters or children, which is not more than 7-8 people. Initially, you need to make some changes like the colour of clothes, some features (like a moustache) and give numbers like 5-6, etc; the child needs to remember these numbers while locating this character from a large group. These games should be practiced by the child every day for 10-15 minutes.

10) Memory Game Using Colors

In this child’s memory, the game child needs to remember the colour and look at another colour which child needs to find the difference between the two colours. For example, if the child is given a red colour and is told to find out what difference exists between the child’s red colour and green or blue, the child needs to locate that particular difference. This child’s memory game should be practised by the child every day for 10-15 minutes.


Hoping these fun games improve your child’s memory will be helpful to you. Apart from these games, there are certain things that can help in improving the memory of your child for example a good study curriculum such as the NCERT Solution. Orchids’ NCERT Solutions is easy to grasp and will assist your child in completing their assignments from NCERT books which are full of learning and interesting. Furthermore, these NCERT Solutions are 100 per cent exact, and all NCERT Solutions are taught step-by-step for easy comprehension. So what are you planning to do today to improve your child’s memory? Do let us know and start today as the earlier a child starts improving their memory, the better it is for them. 

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