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Coding for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Young Parents

Coding for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Young Parents

Imagine a day where there is no Gmail, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Are you already afraid? This day will come if all coders give up their jobs. Do you know how many coders there are in the world right now? It is over 50 million. You will be amazed to know that despite so many coders working worldwide, companies are still facing a shortage of coders. 

The requirement for coders is increasing daily as usage of smart devices is also increasing. We need software developers to maintain and develop the applications for better user experience. 

According to the record, there are 8.9 million mobile applications in the world right now. To your utter surprise, this number is increasing gradually. Now, as a responsible parent, you can understand how necessary coding for kids is. However, there is no barrier as such according to age. In a world where a 16 years-old Tilak Mehta becomes a successful entrepreneur, age is indeed just a number. Before you start coding classes for your child, you must know why teaching them coding is essential. 

What is Coding for Kids?

Coding is a complicated concept that needs attention, consistency, and perseverance. Therefore, teaching your kids to code from a young age is best because it’s easier for them to develop interest in a specific field of subject. The initial stage of coding demands children to follow only basic computer instructions. Children get to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills through coding. 

Why Coding is Important for Kids?

coding classes for kids

Coding is one of the best practices that bring thousands of other good habits. Research says that regular coding classes for kids will help them develop skills like: 

Problem Solving

Solving problems has been at the core of coding. Your kids learn to analyse things critically and find the root of the issues. A problem needs different perspectives when it seems complicated to solve. Coding enhances their ability to think differently. 


Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills come hand-in-hand. The moment kids learn to consider different perspectives, the stagnancy in their thoughts breaks. 

Communication Skills

After the pandemic, kids suffer from a lack of confidence. As they were connected to their teachers through online medium only and there was no physical interaction, many children felt detached. Therefore, many parents opted for online coding classes for their kids to bring them on the same page with the world. As software and apps have become a part of everyday life, children involved in coding find themselves relevant with the world. Hence, it helps them to be confident while communicating with the same world.

How to Teach Coding to Kids?

coding courses for kids

Coding is the need of the hour. The world has realised the importance of coding and developed some futuristic gaming ideas for kids. These games look ideal for completing the first step in coding. For example,

Move the Turtle 

This is the most simplified coding game if you want consistent coding activities for your child. Move the Turtle develops their critical thinking ability by introducing basic coding for kids. 

Daisy the Dinosaur 

This application was developed to make kids learn coding at a basic level. A 4-year-old child also can create the concept of coding from this game. 

Robot Turtles 

This board game is designed as an alternative to computer games for your kids. Here, the player must get the Turtle to the matching coloured jewel on the board. 

Coding Activities for Kids

basic coding for kids

Cubetto: The Coding Robot Toy 

Remember how we got a glimpse of the realistic world through GTA (Grand Theft Auto)? Our kids are getting a glimpse of coding through many coding platforms for kids. Cubetto is one of them. Though it is not a platform, you can call it a tool. Cubetto is a screenless, wooden robot that makes computer programming easy and fun. This robot is specially designed for preschoolers aged 3-6. 

Unicorn Magic Coding Game 

Unicorn always gives us a sense of utopia. Kids learn all the coding basics through these printable board games. Their cognitive skill gradually builds as they assemble all the pieces. 

Kids Coding Languages

Anything hard to learn for you will never cater to your kids’ coding skills. Therefore, you should introduce the primary languages like:

Python for Kids

Python is an easy programming language that does not need much comment to add. Instead, you can read them like a typical speech. 

Ruby for Kids

Ruby is a programme with the most readable syntax for the newest programmers. Your kid does not need to type a trail of codes because most of them are self-explanatory. 

C++ for Kids

After mastering the art of Python and Ruby, kids should come to c++. This code looks like Mathematics. So, it can be a big step-out move for them if they are unfamiliar with the coding language. 

What Are the Free Coding Websites for Kids?

Free websites for c++, Ruby, and python coding for kids are the stepping stones for kids’ coding classes. The list of free coding websites for kids is as follows:

  • CodeCombat
  • Scratch
  • Kodu Game Labs 
  • Codewars

The demand for coding for kids in India is sky-rising. Parents are engaging their kids in free coding websites and classes. Orchids started coding classes at a tender age. So, if you want your kids to be future-ready, begin their training on code from today! Get them on their feet to meet the real world. 

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