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Here Are the Six Best Coding Resources for Kids!

Here Are the Six Best Coding Resources for Kids!


Coding is rapidly evolving into the future’s language. It is a sophisticated talent, and it is part of learning in the same way as any other language or skill. Coding is more than simply a collection of instructions for kids. It’s a style of thinking and reasoning that helps you complete a task or take a step toward solving a real-world problem. It may be as essential as learning to bake by combining the ingredients one by one or a set of algorithms used to a security system.

Introducing your child to coding is a difficult task that needs a comprehensive strategy that may include great tools and approaches. An excellent coding resource may assist your youngster in learning to code as well as understanding and breaking down real-world challenges to come up with efficient solutions.

When Do You Start Teaching Them Coding?

Middle school is an excellent time to introduce children to coding, but at that time, students may have varying degrees of experience. We hand-picked these resources so that students of all levels of knowledge and success may benefit from them, from beginner-friendly visual coding tools to advanced courses and tutorials that get students learning and implementing simple languages to create apps, websites, and games.

These tools are likely to get kids thinking about what kind of language goes into the technology they use every day, whether they’re playing a simple logic-based game or creating scripts to develop the next big app.

We’ve compiled a list of six institutions and projects working on teaching kids how to code in this blog.


Campk12 is a global online school that teaches coding and STEM courses to children aged 5 to 18. It was founded in 2010 by Anshul Baghi, an MIT computer science graduate, and has since taught coding to over 50,000 students and worked with hundreds of schools and institutions to encourage young minds. Since 2010, it has taught kids to code through LIVE, interactive, and gamified online lessons. From Grade 1 through 12, it incorporates a project-based curriculum with coaching sessions. Augmented reality, 3D coding, VR game creation, AI, machine learning, building chatbots, and more are among the topics covered.


CoderBunnyz is a one-of-a-kind venture started by ten-year-old Samaira Mehta to teach coding and AI to young children while having fun. Her passion for computer programming and board games inspired her to create a board game that incorporates computer coding. The game uses artificial intelligence to teach youngsters how to code. This AI board game, named CoderMindz, is the first of its kind, engaging children while also teaching them how to code.


CodeMonkey lets kids learn and comprehend coding without prior experience by providing a fun and instructive game-based environment. It offers tools for students of all ages that help them understand the fundamentals of coding and how to code in real-world situations. It gives them the confidence and achievement they need to negotiate the programming world. It provides various programs for youngsters to study, including self-guided challenges, learning real-coding languages, and game-based learning.

WhiteHat Jr.

It is an Edtech business created by ex-Discovery CEO Karan Bajaj in 2018. It teaches kids aged 6 to 14 how to code and helps them develop fun apps. It holds workshops on using the foundations of coding to create commercially ready games, animations, and applications online. It provides four levels of courses: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional, all of which assist in the creation of sophisticated games utilizing logic, sequence, instructions, and algorithmic thinking. WhiteHat Jr is expanding internationally and hiring for various positions in product development, technology, operations, and sales. Nexus Venture Partners, Omidyar Network India, and Owl Ventures are among its investors, and it secured $10 million in series A investment last year.

Super Coders Program at Vedantu

Vedantu’s curriculum focuses on offering high-quality coding lessons for children aged 6 to 12. Coding specialists teach this curriculum in AI and machine learning, who believe that coding enhances a child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills. These courses cover various subjects, including animation, commercial-ready applications and games, sophisticated games and chatbots utilizing artificial intelligence and Python, the Internet of Things, and more. It encourages activity-based learning and offers personalized learning based on a student’s learning rate. Specialists from MIT and IIT created it.


It’s a beautiful method to get youngsters interested in coding. It provides a solid basis for their future education. Scratch allows children’s imaginations to run wild as they create and develop games. Scratch is suitable for children of all ages since the interface is simple to use, and it exposes children to the notion of coding using blocks. These games’ drag-and-drop functionality aids in the visualization of code, which promotes interactive learning. It’s an educational tool that teaches children how to code on a visual medium. It uses the drag-and-drop block input method and is very user-friendly.

A fun way to learn to program, this game has levels designed for kids and adults of all ages, making it great to share with friends or family members with different skill sets.

Final Thoughts

Before starting your child’s this adventure, evaluate all components of a learning resource. Doing this evaluation may make a big difference in the learning outcome. By selecting the right learning platform and tools, you can make their coding path joyful for the rest of their lives. Investing in a trustworthy coding resource for your child will put them on the road to long-term success.

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