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All You Need to Know about Digital Literacy in Children

All You Need to Know about Digital Literacy in Children

“Humans are the reproductive organs of technology.”

Founding executive editor of WIRED magazine, Kevin Kelly, has recognized technology in this manner. Humans are called the greatest of this civilization, and technical evolution is one of the primary reasons behind that. The motto behind this rapid tech movement is to accelerate the progress of human culture. People have finally succeeded in the accomplishment of digital literacy

Digital literacy is the knowledge of all technical tools and gadgets that surround you regularly. A clear perception about this is inevitable in the 21st century as you cannot connect with your peers without a smartphone, withdraw money from ATMs, or listen to music without a speaker or earpiece. Not only to the adults but, we need to expose the technical aspects of the world to our children also. They should develop a clear understanding of digitalization and know how technology works from a very tender age. Adequate and well-designed training can guide them to the right path.

Why Is Digital Literacy Important?

Anything that exists under the sun has its importance. Many parents think digital literacy brings behavioural changes in children and disrupts their natural growth process. But, with the changing time, the definition of digital literacy has also changed. It bestows pure technical knowledge on your children without creating an imbalance in their natural growth. 

Let us know why digital literacy is vital for your children:

Supports Progress in Education

Many changes have occurred in the educational system after the pandemic. The need for time has taken the final call, and everyone has to involve their gadgets like smartphones and laptops in education. How will your child attend the online classes if mobile applications seem alien to him? Digital literacy brings that enlightenment where you may not know about operating every app, but you acquire the confidence to do so. Children also have access to various educational apps and are learning beyond their “GRADES”. 

Better Understanding of Digital Responsibility

Every coin has two sides and so does technological evolution. We savour the excellent effects of digital platforms but often look over the aspects that involve risks. Children learn how to avoid risks and deal with the risks when they receive proper training in digital literacy. Plagiarism, cyberbullying, or data trafficking are some of the grounds that they build a thorough knowledge about and act upon when needed. 

Increase Online Safety 

As soon as the children learn about their digital responsibilities, they can increase their online safety. Hence, they will not be a trap for online bullies. If you want a better perspective of how online bullying can ruin a teenager’s life, watch a 2015 movie, The Cyberbully, by Ben Chanan. This movie vividly portrays how a lack of technical knowledge can jeopardise a teenager’s life. 

Improve Digital Equity 

Now, India is away from being a digitally self-sufficient country as half of the population is not equipped with sufficient technology. Therefore, digital literacy is essential from a tender age so everyone stays on the same page and civilization progresses at an equal pace.

Skills for a Lifetime

The way technology is progressing; there is no looking back. You can be sure that technology will only move further, and there will be no full stop. So, by embracing digital literacy skills, our children acquire lifelong skills. Experts show a light of hope by saying, “India’s growth in digital literacy is slow but steady.”

Digital Literacy Skills


Digital literacy brings thousands of perks with it. Once your child shakes hands with this domain, there will be no boundaries in their knowledge. Digital literacy bestows valuable skills on them, and they are:

The Strength of Independent Research 

You continuously acquire vivid knowledge when you invest your energy in research on a particular topic. Technology and the internet give you that liberty. You enter a broad domain of independent research once you master independent study skills. 

Familiarity with Terms and Common Platforms 

There lies the power of digital literacy. Nowadays, children know thousands of apps that are hard to remember for adults. Their limit is not only bound to the knowledge of the name, but they are good with functioning those applications. 

Knowledge Beyond Boundary

Schools or colleges will teach you what is included in your syllabus only. The internet can quench your thirst for further knowledge and the operation of the internet demands you to be digitally literate.

Training On Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Training

Training your child with digital literacy is not a hard nut to crack, but you must know some boundaries. Bring them up to be tech-savvy but refrain from giving them full access to the devices. Have some parental control over them and bless them with basic computer knowledge from a very young age. As they slowly grasp digital literacy, they perceive the meaning of life in a broader sense and easily connect with the world around them. 

Ending Note… 

The note at the end tells you to familiarise your child with the tech world so they do not feel alienated. Digital literacy from a tender age will fuel their aggression to know further, and thus they will develop a go-getter attitude. If you want to see your child as a future leader, there is no better way possible! 

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