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Dussehra Activities for Kindergarten

Dussehra Activities for Kindergarten

It is almost October, and Dussehra is knocking at your door. A trail of holidays is on the way, and your little ones are bursting with joy. And why not, after a long time, they get a chance to spend quality time with their parents? Make the most of this vibrant season by accomplishing some Dussehra activities with your kids. 

This festive season comes with a grandeur where the entire country feels ecstatic. Let your little munchkin feel the real essence of this festival by introducing them to rituals. And what better way than to engage them with art and craft activities which interest them. The best part of the Dussehra celebration is that it is filled with lots of such  activities. 

Fill your kids’ holiday session with a splash of happiness and make it the most memorable time of their life. 

Dussehra Activity for Kindergarteners

In this blog, we will discuss some interesting and fun activities that you can enjoy with your little ones and can chanelise their super festive energy in the best possible way. Kids are curious and this curiosity is the source of their mental development. Hence, it is an opportunity to fuel their passion with playful tasks and meaningful mythological stories. 

Make an Effigy of Ravana 

Dussehra originates from the story of Rama and Ravana. Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth and last day of their combat, where Ravana dies. This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. All across India, people celebrate this day by burning Ravana’s effigy. Usually, the event is arranged in a larger-than-life manner where all the people from a locality gather as they share the joy of burning an evil will together. 

But, suppose there is no such event taking place. Will your little champs be deprived of that joy? The answer is: NO! You can make an effigy of Ravana at home. A small one but nonetheless it will give you the same pleasure when your kid giggles their heart out while shooting it. 

Making Rangoli 

Making Rangoli 

Does your kid nurture great love for colors and patterns? The true essence of this festival is deeply rooted in lights and colour. Rangoli portrays it so beautifully that kids love to participate. It  is the best time to introduce them to this activity. Decorating your house with vibrant Rangoli brings out the natural charm of festivity.  Arrange colors in variety and follow a pattern. You will find thousands of visuals for Rangoli on Google. Choose the one that suits the ambience of your house. Let your child have the joy of creation. It is one of the most celebrated Dussehra activities for kindergarteners.

Make Diya’s

Rangoli is not complete until you put a diya in the centre. Instead of buying electric diyas, make one with clay at home. Clay-made diyas are such a treat to the eyes. It can be made with minimal arrangements. Making diyas is one of the most-suggested Dussehra activities for kids as it does not require much time. So, there is no chance for a disruption in your child’s academics and work life.

Decorate A Kalash

Decorating Kalash

Matkas bear the essence of rural India. The kind of aesthetic touch it has is irreplaceable. How about bringing a vibrant touch to your house with a decorated Matka beside the door? The arrangement for this activity is also not very time-consuming. Buy some glittering stones and colourful paper. Stick them together in symmetry or a proper design. Kids love to create things with paper, stones and glue. We promise you will recall your adolescent days while helping them with this task. 

Ending on a Happy Note…

Flip those yellowish, old pages of your childhood this Dussehra. Smell tiny clay diyas and peep through that forgotten alley of your adolescent days with your child that will bring your youth back. 

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