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6 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends in School

6 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends in School


Children today have busier schedules than before. They move from non-academic activities like music or sports to another, often not having time for anything else other than studies and these activities. They have no time for one of the most important aspects of life with such a hectic life- friends. Now, you can help your child make friends in school.

How to help child make friends in school

Other factors that make children not have friendships are moving to a new area/city or the best school in India.

Friendship is important for children as it helps them in several ways, most importantly in growing as better and mature individuals. It also gives them confidence in learning social rules like waiting for their turn, cooperating, and not hurting each other.

Most children are loners and shy or reluctant to make friendship. This is natural for them. They consider you as the only friend in life and don’t want to leave you for anyone. Although most children see other children their age running around and making noises, your child will stay home watching them play but will not take the initiative to go and talk to them. This is not what you want.

As parents, if you are wondering how to help your child make friends in school and their lives, it’s only going to be worthwhile for both you and the child. The first thing you must do is to have patience and not be too pushy. Take baby steps and slowly introduce your children to other kids of the same age group.

Here Are 6 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends in School

Understand Your Child’s Social Skills

Help child make friends with kids by helping them in social skills

The first thing you must do is to attend your child’s school and see how he interacts with others during and after class hours. Let us tell you that even your child is wondering how to make friends at school, he is shy and do not want to take the initiative. At this time you must observe your child’s behavior and compare it with his behavior at home. Once you analyze your child’s behavior, you must figure out why your child is behaving differently at home and school.

Conversation Starter

Help your child make friends by initiating the conversion

You must check whether or not your child has difficulty in starting a conversation with others his age or even older people. To know how to make a friend first a child needs to know the right way of starting a conversation.

It is possible that your child may be suffering from anxiety or has a fear of public speaking. That is making him/her stay away from engaging with other children. If you observe that your child has one of these issues, then you focus your attention on making him/her mingle with other kids to build a trust factor.

Become Role Models

help your child make friends by becoming their role models

We all know by now that children learn from elders, so, as parents, you must be mindful of how you interact with others. You must be aware that every time you start talking to anyone- neighbours, relatives, or just about anyone. Your child is watching every action of yours- how you talk, what language you use, how you greet. It can be said that our children learn from us how to make friends and talk. It’s a learning opportunity for your child, so whatever you do, you have to ensure that you do your best so that your child learns the best.

Start from Home

Whether at school or home, most children are hesitant to start a conversation. The only way to ensure they become conversation starters or part of the conversation is by showing them how to become one. For this, you need to start a conversation at home.

Talk to your child when he/she is at home or during mealtime about any topic that interests your child so that he can start the conversation at school with his classmates. Try different topics every day so that there is a diversity in topics.

Call Other Kids Home

In order to have your child get along with other kids, you must call other kids home for a small party or get together. The children could be from the neighbourhood or your child’s classmates. This is one of the easiest ways to have your child make friends.

Before they know how to make a friend they have have to indulge and get involved in a company of kids. So, you might think that your child doesn’t go out much and is shy at school. And, thus, doesn’t know how to make friends at school. It is a subtle way of inviting other kids at home, they can be from the neighbourhood or from their school even.

Don’t Compare Your Child With Others 

It has often been said that you should never compare your child to others. Each child is different and has different learning timelines and behavior.  Some children learn fast and some take time. Comparing children to others will only make them more conscious of any problem that they might have. You have to have realistic views about your child’s personality and temperament as these guide their social behavior.


By teaching your child things like listening, and other mannerisms, you are teaching your child the most important part of life. You’re giving them the skill of making friends, a skill that will be useful in their lifetime.

Making new friends can be difficult. Not all children can get along with each other. It’s challenging and takes a lot of effort. What works for one child might not work for others.

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