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10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School


Do you want your child to excel in elementary school? It is never too early to start! There are many ways that parents can help their children succeed. Some of these include reading with them, helping them with homework and checking for understanding, giving positive feedback when they do something well, asking open-ended questions during class time instead of always telling the answer, and encouraging their interests. These are just a few ways parents can support their students’ success at home and in school. For more information on how you can help your student be successful, check out this blog post addressing the same thing!

Ten Parenting Tips to Help Kids with Elementary School

1. Please Talk with Your Child About Your Expectations for Their Behaviour at School

Yes, this can be very helpful to set the tone for expectations of behaviour and allow your child to voice how they’d like to be treated in class.

2. If You Don’t Understand, Ask!

Talking with your child’s teachers is essential, but it’s okay to ask questions if you aren’t clear about a concept or situation at school.

3. Let Your Child Know You Are Happy That They Try Their Best

It’s okay to let them know; their hard work is worth celebrating! Also, it may be helpful to reassure them that everyone makes mistakes and that how they respond to a mistake is what counts. 

4. Know the Difference Between Supporting Vs Rescuing

It is essential to know when it’s time to help your child work through a challenge. The more you can allow them to struggle without rescuing, the better they will handle that same situation in the future. On the other hand, sometimes kids need some encouragement or support when putting forth an extra effort!

5. Be Supportive of the Goals That You Want Them to Achieve in School

If you (or your child) are working toward a goal, let the teacher know. This can be as simple as sharing an end-of-year flier or writing it on the back of their homework assignments. It is important to remember that support at home and school go hand in hand!

6. Take the Time to Talk with Your Child About What They Are Learning

Talk to your child about what they are learning in school. This is an excellent way for them to process the information on their own and help you understand what they have been working so hard on! Ask them questions and involve them in the conversation.

7. Give Positive Feedback When They Do Something Well

If your child has a task due at school and does it correctly the first time, praise them! You can let them know how proud you are of their work. They will continue to strive for excellence when they get positive feedback from their parents.

8. Attend Open House Events or Parent-Teacher Conferences

If your child’s school has open house events or parent-teacher conferences, take time out of your busy schedule to attend. This is a perfect way for you and the teachers to get together. It can help you discuss what is going on at home with homework assignments and grades.

9. Try Not to Be Too Hard on Your Children If They Don’t Perform

While it is essential to push your children to succeed early, you don’t want to be overly critical of their progress or lack thereof. Instead, work with them and help them learn a positive attitude toward education. Children who have a positive attitude about the educational process are more likely to excel.

10. Be Supportive, but Also Let Them Do Things Themselves

It’s easy to get into the habit of doing everything for your child as they grow older. You don’t want your children to be so reliant on you for almost everything! However, you must encourage independent problem solving and self-sufficiency while they are still young enough to benefit from it.

Tricks to Get Your Child Ready for Elementary School

1. Get a Jump Start on Preschool

If you can, try to get your child into a good preschool program before they start Kindergarten. Starting preschool will give them a little more experience with other kids and learning in general.

2. Have Them Help Out Around the House

You may be surprised at how much young children are capable of helping out around the house. If you have a young child, ask them to help you cook a meal, vacuum the floor, clean their room, or fold the laundry with you. This will make them independent and ready for elementary school.

3. Play Educational Games with Your Children

There are so many educational games for kids out there that it might be hard to pick which one to get. This is a great way to help children get into reading early and will undoubtedly prepare them for school.

4. Read to Your Children

Some kids aren’t as interested in reading as others, but reading with them makes it fun. They will often develop a love for reading from a young age.

5. Keep Them on a Schedule

Ensuring that your kids have a schedule is key to ensuring that they get everything done on time.


The most important thing to remember when helping your child succeed in elementary school is that you are their first teacher. You can’t expect them to be perfect, but they will have a better chance of succeeding at this new stage by providing the proper guidance and encouragement. 

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