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Fun Facts About Rainbows That You Don’t Know!

Fun Facts About Rainbows That You Don’t Know!


Did you know that rainbows are an optical phenomenon? They are caused by the sun shining on water droplets in the sky. When the light hits the droplets at just the right angle, it forms a rainbow. Rainbows can be seen in everything from a small puddle to a large waterfall. They are one of nature’s most beautiful sights! So read on and learn more about these fascinating spectacles of light! In this blog post, we will explore some fun facts about rainbows. We will also discuss how to create your rainbow using everyday objects.

Nine thrilling fun facts about rainbows!

1. A rainbow is a full circle of light.

The rainbow you see in the sky is actually only a small part of the full circle. The rest of the process is below the horizon and not visible to you.

2. Rainbows always form in the opposite direction of the sun

This is because the sun must be behind you in order for the light to hit the water droplets at the right angle and create the rainbow.

3. Rainbows can only be seen when the sun is out

This is because rainbows are created by sunlight hitting water droplets. So if it’s not sunny, you won’t be able to see a rainbow.

4. You can sometimes see two rainbows at the same time

This is because there are actually two different types of rainbows. The primary rainbow is the one you visit most often, and it forms when sunlight hits water droplets and then reflects your eyes. The secondary rainbow is less common, and it forms when sunlight reflects off the water droplets and then hits them again before glancing back to your eyes.

5. Rainbows always appear in a circle

If you see a rainbow that doesn’t form a complete circle, it’s because you’re not close enough to the end of the rainbow. The further away you are from the end of the rainbow, the more incomplete it will appear.

6. Rainbow colours always appear in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

This is because of the way sunlight bends as it passes through water droplets. The different colours bend at different angles, and that’s why they appear in a particular order when you see a rainbow.

7. A double rainbow is actually two rainbows in one

The second rainbow is usually fainter than the first, and it appears higher in the sky. Double rainbows are caused by sunlight reflecting off of water droplets twice.

8. You can sometimes see a moonbow

A moonbow is just like a regular rainbow, but it’s created by moonlight instead of sunlight. Moonbows are usually white, but they can appear to be a faint colour if the conditions are just right.

9. You can make your own rainbow

All you need is a garden hose and some sunshine! Just point the hose towards the sun, and you’ll see a rainbow appear in the spray.

Ten fun rainbow activities for kids!

1. Make a DIY rainbow

You do not need much to create your own rainbow. You need a garden hose and some sunray! Take the garden hose and make it face towards the sun, and you’ll see a rainbow formed when you use the spray.

2. Have a colour fight

Fill water balloons with coloured water and have a fun fight outside! You’ll all be rainbow-coloured by the end.

3. Make rainbow slime

This is a fun activity that kids will love. All you need is clear glue, food colouring, and glitter. Check out this recipe for full instructions.

4. Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt

Hide rainbow items around your house or yard and have your kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them. You can hide anything from actual rainbows to objects that are the colours of the rainbow.

5. Make a rainbow snack

Kids will love this healthy and colourful snack! Simply cut up some fruits and vegetables into rainbow shapes. You can even get creative and make a fruit salad in the shape of a rainbow.

6. Have a rainbow dance party

Play some upbeat music and let your kids dance around the room. Every time a new colour is mentioned in the song, they have to find something in the room that is that colour and dance next to it.

7. Make rainbow art

There are so many different ways to make rainbow art. You can use crayons, paint, chalk, and even food colouring. Get creative and see what kinds of masterpieces your kids can make!

8. Play rainbow tag

This is a twist on the classic game of tag. Choose one person to be “it” and have them chase the other players around. When they tag someone, that person becomes “it” and has to chase the others. The twist is that “it” can only tag people wearing the same colour as them. So, if “it” is wearing a green shirt, they can only tag people who are also wearing green.

9. Bake rainbow cookies and muffins

Get in the kitchen and bake some colourful treats! There are lots of recipes online for rainbow cookies and muffins. Or, you can get creative and come up with your own recipe.

10. Make a rainbow kite

Head outside and see if you can get your kite to touch the rainbow. You’ll need a windy day for this one.

There you have it! Ten fun ways to enjoy the rainbow. Which one will you try first?


So there you have it, some fun facts about rainbows. Now that you know a little more about these beautiful spectrums of light, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to go out and find one the next time it rains. And if you happen to be a parent, remember that with great power comes great responsibility. When your child sees a rainbow for the first time, make sure you are there to explain what they are looking at and help them understand the magic behind this natural phenomenon.

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