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Why Should Parents Get Children A Guitar?

Why Should Parents Get Children A Guitar?


Guitars are a popular instrument for many different age groups, and they can be used in so many different ways. You may want to teach your child about the guitar’s history or how it has been used in music throughout the years, but you could also play with them! It is never too early to get a child interested in playing an instrument that will help build their musical skills.

World Music Day

Why Choose Music for Your Child?

What do you want your child to be when they grow up? If you said “a musician,” then we have some excellent news for you! Studies show that children exposed to music at a young age perform better on math and reading tests. Music also improves language skills, spatial reasoning, and innovation. Most importantly, playing a musical instrument teaches kids discipline, patience, and dedication– all-important life lessons that will help them succeed in whatever field they choose.

Perks of Buying a Guitar for Your Child

Buying a guitar has many benefits. Yes! It is prevalent among kids because their favourite pop stars perform in concerts. Here are some of the perks of buying and making your child learn guitar.

Guitars Aren’t Expensive

Unless you go for a big brand, guitars are usually cost-effective. A beginner’s guitar is not costly at all. There is no need to purchase one of the best guitars for a child. Avoid cheap guitars with a thick, shiny finish from supermarkets, although plenty of fine entry-level guitars are starting at an affordable price.

Online Music Classes

A guitar is an instrument that can be easily taught through an online music class. Online music classes are gaining popularity since they can be taken anywhere, and the student learns at their own pace.

You Don’t Have to Have a Lot of Space

A guitar is not giant, like an electric keyboard, for example. One doesn’t need a big room or studio apartment to start playing the instrument. It’s perfect for small children.

Guitars are Portable

We’d have seen people carrying guitars on their backs in a bag while driving a bike or at the beach on holiday. It’s because they’re not heavy! Guitars can be carried anywhere if your child needs to play them somewhere else. Be it at school or church; they can take it and play it there.

Also, if you plan to buy a new guitar for your child and the old one is not in bad condition, it can be sold. All it takes is for the buyer to change the strings if you give them the old strings.

Guitars Don’t Make Much Noise

You can play it in the house or apartment without disturbing other people. And while they are practising, the sound will not bother your family or neighbours. Unless it’s an electric guitar with speakers, it’s all good to go.

Even if it’s an electric guitar, most guitars and amps come with a headphone jack which children can wear in their ears and listen to. So no disturbance at all.

The Guitar Is an Excellent Instrument

It’s cool to be able to play a guitar and sing. Guitars are easy too! Most children can learn how to use one easily because there are only six strings, compared to a piano with 8 octaves.

Composing Music with the Guitar Is Easy

Kids can compose music with a guitar and create their songs in no time at all! They don’t need to read sheet music or play an instrument with the right know-how before starting.

Learning Guitar Increases Self-Confidence

Learning to play the guitar is far more enriching than watching television or playing video games all day. A musical instrument has the power to fill and transform your child’s life. Learning to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar, boosts a child’s self-esteem.

Guitar Enhances Creativity

A guitar can help your child open up to new ideas, thoughts, and creativity. The instrument will introduce them to sounds they didn’t know were possible before!

Children Who Play Make Many Friends

Playing an instrument, such as the guitar, helps your child make friends. They’ll be able to bond with other kids in their school who are also learning music! This is because when your child meets new people, they’ll ask your child to play their favourite music. By this, the connections grow more robust.

Learning Music Improves Academic Skills

Playing an instrument, such as the guitar, will help your child to improve their academic skills. This is because they’ll be able to use logic and analytical thinking when playing a tune or composing one of their own! Playing the guitar stimulates all of the brain’s areas. As a result, playing the guitar is a great mental workout. It even helps children improve their math skills.

How Old Is Enough for a Child to Learn Guitar?

A child is ready to learn as soon as they can hold and use their hands. If your child is below 7 years old, they may find the guitar too challenging for them. You can start by giving them a toy guitar to play at home because it increases their curiosity. If they begin to show interest in the guitar as they grow up, you can join them in a music class. Typically, all that you need for a beginner guitarist are an acoustic guitar and some music books. But if they grow up and tend to choose something else, let them do what pleases them.

Final Thoughts

Learning to play a musical instrument is not a task that can be accomplished in a single day; it requires patience and endurance. They’ll have to keep trying to find the right notes at all times. But in the end, they’ll be happy. Parenting is not an easy job and if you have a child who happens to show interest in learning how to play the guitar, do what pleases them.

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