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How to help your child stay focused on online learning?

How to help your child stay focused on online learning?

Due to the existing Covid-19 situation across the globe, schools, colleges, and every other institution have been closed. In such a crisis, Online learning has become inevitable. It helps to keep our children going on without any problem with their studies. While it is a tougher job to keep a child-focused on their lessons, let us help you out in that! Here are some tips to know, “How to help your child stay focused during online learning ?”

1. Create a Schedule:

The first step is to design a schedule for them to stick to, on an everyday basis. It might be tougher to make them follow it for a few days. But, over the course of time, they will get used to it. This helps the child in making learning a habit to them. And when it becomes a habit, children will stop throwing tantrums and get ready to study by themselves.

2. Set up a Study Area:

For online learning, it is important to set a laptop or tablet in the same area every day. This won’t need any planning in the case of the desktop as it will be fixed in a place already. Be it on the study table or any other place with no distractions. But, make sure that the place is not changed. It should stay the same every single day. The child will realize that he has to be in that place to study at a particular time.

3. Eliminate distractions:

This is an obvious tip. Make sure the television and smartphones are not switched on or nearer while it is their online study time. Even when they are not studying, limit their digital exposure. Excessive usage of mobile or television will not only make them lazy but also will reduce their interest in studies. Although, you could allow them in designated times when they achieve the healthy study targets you set for them.

4. Stay in Touch: 300

Social distancing is hard for every one of us. We all miss the outside world. So, Allow your child to interact with their classmates. You stay in touch with your fellow parents as well. This will bring a healthy mindset about online learning to the children as they will know that their friends are doing the same.

5. Don’t forget books:

While online education has become a major part of their study schedule, books are never to be forgotten. Make your children study from the actual books for some time. It would be a change from online classes for a while. This not only will reduce their digital exposure. It will also make them study with more interest.

During the time they are not studying or when they are not focussed in particular give them an interesting book, be it a comic or novel. This will increase their soft skills. An idea to make children read books will never go wrong.

Thus, these are some of the simple ways you could follow to make your child cope up with online learning. Do understand that this situation is new for all of us and understand the way your child is handling this situation. Be there for them always. Also, Stay home! Stay safe! Happy Quarantining with your little one.

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