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7 Apps For Teaching Children how to study Coding Skills

7 Apps For Teaching Children how to study Coding Skills


It’s been more than a year now, due to the COVID crisis we all have suffered a lot and still suffering from temporary lockdowns and not leaving our homes without any urgency. But this is not just with the adults, kids are going through the same but one thing which is still intact is the learning process of our kids, most importantly learning how to study coding. With the growth of online classes and e-learning, there are many platforms offering courses on how to study coding for free and kids are learning new ways of how to learn coding at home.

Study coding for kids

As parents, you can see that kids are learning new skills from a very young age, but let me tell you that you shouldn’t be worried about their screen time. What’s important is what they are viewing and sharing during their screen time. Coding is becoming a key skill for a career path. Not only kids, but adults are searching for courses on how to study coding fast.

How To study Coding At Home

Wondering how to study coding? There are many ways you can learn coding, for example just by reading two blogs a day you can defeat the doubt of how to study coding by growing the basic knowledge of coding and programming languages in a week.

Just by watching three You tube videos a day, you can learn how to get into coding, learn coding for free, and how to start your journey with programming languages. The best part is that children who spend most of their time playing games on smartphones and laptops can learn so much from them.

If you as a parent are still worried about different courses and websites and are confused for your kids on how to study coding and which is the best website for it you can simply download educational apps with interactive user interface and teaching skills so that your kids will enjoy and at the same time will learn coding for free.

Apps To study Coding For Free

Many parents want their kids to learn coding for free as much as they can, and even adults want to indulge in coding, but don’t know how to get into coding or where to start. If you are going through the same problem, here are some apps which will definitely help you decipher the issue of how to study coding. You can download, install, and start to learn coding for free and later on check out their packages of advanced learning. These are the 7 apps to start learning coding for free.

White Hat Jr.

If you have ever searched how to study coding or how to learn coding for free or for kids how to learn coding fast. You have definitely come across the name White Hat Jr. started in 2018, this ed-tech platform provides one on one coding classes for kids from six years old to fourteen years old. The app was acquired later by BYJUs and motivated kids to create games, applications and provide a unique curriculum for data structure and programming.

Kids can learn to code for free for the basics and can also subscribe to their education plans. It’s one of the most celebrated apps for coding.

Toppr Codr

For parents who want to excel their kids in coding and often wonder how to study coding or apps for teaching coding skills, Toppr Codr is a good platform. Its curriculum is designed by graduates of MIT’s and offers personalized classes for kids interested in coding and programming languages.

They specialize in text-based coding, Java, Python and want to bring revolution in K12 education.


This is one of the most common and famous apps for kids to learn coding for free, this app is available for iOS and Android as well and kids can learn critical thinking, and problem-solving skills along with coding to make games and small applications from it. In short, it answers many of the kid’s related questions along with how to study coding.

This app is good for sparking creativity and developing essential skills from a young age.

Code Chef by Unacademy

Code Chef is powered by Unacademy and has collaborated with many schools and colleges for programming languages and has organized coding contests for different student communities. As we all know, Unacademy is a top-notch ed-tech service with a reputation for highly processed and crisp content, so we can expect the same from Code Chef to help answer questions like how to study coding and how to learn coding at home.


Udemy is one of the popular online learning platforms among adults, but it has a wide range of courses available for kids to learn coding for free, with a simple user interface and a well-sorted list of coding classes for kids from beginner to advanced levels related to game development and application building.

With many courses for hands-on coding classes for kids, Udemy surely answers the question of how to study coding for kids and adults as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is again a very popular online platform among students for learning about different subjects and concepts and terms, It offers a “talk through” service, which is an interactive way of learning through videos and offers step-by-step challenges to understand and make the best of it. Students can also work on live projects with a coding editor embedded on their website. So you can learn as much as you want, and thus this platform solves your doubt of how to learn coding fast.


Last but not least, Vedantu Super kids is a superb platform for kids to explore how to study coding and how to learn coding at home. Parents can also book a demo class for their kids and see for themselves how Vedantu is contributing to the field of high skill education. It helps them build websites, games, useful applications and whatnot. You can simply log on to their website and explore the vast world of coding and programming.

It’s been a popular platform for kids and adults to learn for the past two years.


I hope this article helps answer your questions like how to study coding, how to learn coding at home, how to get into coding and so on. Coding is a high-paying skill and is one of the most essential skills to be highlighted in your resume. If your kids are interested in solving problems and dealing with complex riddles, these apps will help your kids to learn coding for free.

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