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Impact of Technology on Children


Samadrita Chakraborty




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Imagine there is no smartphone, smartwatch, tabs or laptop around, and you live a life post-2000. It’s nightmarish in the second decade of the 21st century, right? Gadgets surround our lives, and in the post-tech revolution, it is impossible to live without them. Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. In the famous Westworld series, we saw how technology overcomes the human mind and creates a new lifestyle. 

If we, the adults, are so overwhelmed with technology, what will our future generations do? They will, of course, follow in our footsteps, and they are precisely doing so. The impact of technology on children is clearly visible. They are getting involved in technology over time. As every coin has two different sides, the effect of technology on children is no exception. Is your little one’s behaviour changing gradually by this impact? Know both the positive and negative effects.

What Are the Positive Impacts of Technology on Children?

Positive Impacts of Technology on Children

Ability to Socialise More

With the rise of technology, social networking sites have gradually increased. Though adults majorly operate these sites, children get a glimpse of them. “A glimpse” would be an understatement. After the pandemic, the impact of digital technology on children has increased. Their rate of interacting with strangers online has taken an upper curve.

 Creative Freedom 

Technology has come with specific pros and cons in our lives. One of them is creative freedom. With the easy accessibility of technology, several apps have been introduced by tech geniuses. Children are indulged in digital painting, brain gaming, and online dance classes using those innovations. They are learning beyond their syllabus by surfing the internet anytime and anywhere.

A Feeling of Empowerment 

Nowadays, most children do not need repetitive instruction. They are speedy learners. If you notice, your little one operates smartphones better than you. A quick knowledge of searching videos on YouTube and installing new apps on your phone builds leadership potential in them. They develop a go-getter attitude.

Analytical Thinking 

Due to the blessing of technology, children analyse concepts from the root. To solve any problem as minor as installing an app, they consider what value they can draw from it. If it is a gaming app, they first know thoroughly about the game. Not only analytical thinking, but they are also very clear about their choices. When they do not find the game interesting, they do not hesitate to uninstall it. So, the impact of technology on growing children is reflected in their thought processes and opinions. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit 

A report says that millions of startups have come up in the last five years, and 45% of them have acquired the highest peak of success. This is also the contribution of technology. Children are taking charge of their careers and the future of this planet. The kind of freedom they acquired with the technology is bestowing a sense of leadership on them. 

What Are the Negative Impacts of Technology on Children?

Negative Impacts of Technology on Children

Increase Obesity 

Though we enjoy the positive impacts, the negative ones are also unavoidable. One of the significant adverse impacts of technology is obesity. As technology has made our life easier, we do not need to give much physical effort. The same happens with our children. Even though these gadgets have multiple benefits, you cannot deny that they are very addictive. Children get involved in these gadgets too much that they are uninterested in doing minimum physical activities. That brings obesity. This is the most negative impact of technology on children’s health.

Affects Attention Span 

A wide range of research is going on worldwide for a remarkable reduction in attention spans. Adults are losing their calm, and content cannot attract them for more than 3 seconds. Now think about the children. The same happens with our little ones. Therefore, parental control is essential when it comes to children operating gadgets. It gets a hold of their reckless usage of devices. 

Impact of Technology on Children’s Speech

Impact of Technology on Children's Speech

Usage of Abbreviation 

“LOL” (Laugh out Loud) and “ROFL” (Rolling On the Floor and Laughing); are now everyday words for our little champs. They use these short forms of phrases. Yes, it is a helpful way to make everyday speech quicker. But, adults often struggle to figure out the actual meaning. Besides, using abbreviations gives them access to speak offensive words before their parents. 

Mix Language 

No language exists in its purest form now. Children speak in a mixed language. However, their mother tongue gets priority in it but spoils the beauty of a language. Nowadays, the lyrics of songs and literature also involve a mix of language to attract Gen Z. 

The impact of technology on children is strong and long-lasting. An entire generation is thinking differently and building new principles based on technology tools. Parents should be there for the little champs to guide them in the right direction. It will help you avoid negative impacts and only stress upon positive aspects of technology. 

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