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How To Use Math Formulas In Day To Day Life?

How To Use Math Formulas In Day To Day Life?


Everyone loves math, right? Whether you are an accountant or a teacher, it is the one subject that can be applied to all sorts of jobs and skills. You may not think about it often but there are many ways in which you use math every day without even realizing it! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 different ways to utilize your knowledge of math formulas in your everyday life.

Why Are Math Formulas Necessary To Solve Day-To-Day Life Problems?

In the morning, we get up and measure our morning walk distance or some even measure how many calories they have burnt. From there, we can calculate how many grams of vegetables will feed 12 people for dinner. We also use math in cooking; converting recipes from cups to tablespoons or ounces to ensure precise measurements each time! Sometimes it is necessary to take an average of two numbers as well; if you are dividing eggs into six bowls before baking them in the oven, it would be important for your recipe instructions to mention this! There are so many ways in which mathematics impacts us daily–and those examples only scratch the surface!

kid learning maths formulas

There’s more:

  • Ordering food at restaurants
  • Averaging grades on tests at school
  • Doing taxes (mathematics is the language of money)
  • Making a budget for groceries
  • Determining your chances of winning the lottery (odds are determined by how many people play and how often they win).

Different Ways to Utilize Math Formulas in a Fun-Loving Way in Our Day to Day Life

learning math through abacus

Following are the top 6 ways to utilize math formulas in a fun-loving way in our day to day life:

1. Cooking at home

Cooking doesn’t always mean going out for dinner or ordering food from a restaurant. It can also refer to cooking up some delicious dishes while staying at home with family members or friends – which means there are lots of opportunities for using math skills in making sure things turn out just right! Plus, if we’re being honest here, math is actually really fun and can be a great way to spend quality time with friends or family.

2. Going on vacation

Planning that perfect getaway for the summer? If so, it’s important not only to know what country you want to visit but also how much money you’re willing and able to spend on your trip. Both of these factors will affect which destination best suits your preferences – and we all know there are lots of mathematical calculations involved in decision-making.

3. Playing sports

Lots of us have fond memories about playing outside as kids – whether at recess during school hours or when our parents would take us out into the backyard for some good old-fashioned catch. One thing many people don’t realize though is just how much mathematics is involved in how these games work. Whether it’s figuring out the angle of a football throw or calculating the batting average, math is everywhere when we’re on the sports field!

4. Art

Sure, not everyone loves doing artwork – but those who do are going to have lots of fun with this one. Painting and drawing each involve mathematical calculations for things like color contrast and perspective, while sculpting involves proportional values of size and shape as well. And let’s not forget about architecture. You won’t be able to build an amazing building without knowing what measurements should go where!

teacher showingmaths formulas

5. Create a pie chart for how your family spends their time. 

The sum of the slices should add up to 100% and each person or group fills one slice. For instance, my children might fill 25%, I work 40%, my spouse works 20%. Together we spend 95% of our time on these three things! Or if you are trying to decide where you want your next vacation, create a pie chart that breaks down what percentage of the year is spent at home versus traveling. Then assign colors so you can see which option will provide more opportunity for rest and relaxation.

6. Math skills can be used to have fun! 

You might want to use math in a game you’re playing with friends, or even design original board games that incorporate mathematics. A popular trend right now in pop culture is “escape rooms” where participants solve puzzles and riddles while trying not to get caught by zombies–using mathematical principles helps find clues on solving these mysteries!


There are many ways to use math in day-to-day life. The most popular way is as a tutor, but there are other creative and unconventional uses for your knowledge of mathematics. For example, you can create an algorithm or formula that will help you make decisions at work or even find out if someone has been telling the truth just by asking them some simple questions! Math formulas have countless practical applications outside of traditional classroom walls so don’t forget about all those times during school when it felt like they were wasting time teaching us something we would never need again.

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