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How Important is Technology in Education?


Mautushi Paul





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In a world that is ever-changing technology has become one of the most important aspects of education. Schools are constantly adapting to technology and incorporating it into their curriculum. With technology, teachers can personalize lessons for each student and create assignments that make students think critically about what they’re doing. The internet is an endless source of information, which gives students access to any type of knowledge they need or want – making them more informed than ever before. Technology may not replace traditional learning methods but it does have its place in modern-day education and should be included as much as possible.

10 Reasons Why Technology in Education is Important

Technology in Education

There are numerous reasons why technology is an important part of educational learning. Students have access to online resources which encourages them to conduct research and so become more self-sufficient. Here are 10 reasons why technology in education cannot be said no to.

Kids Learn at Their Pace

Technology allows kids to learn at their own pace and in whichever way suits them best. This, in turn, helps build confidence as they work things out for themselves. Kids are also able to explore it on their level which means that they can focus on the areas of technology that interest them most. Using it in the classroom has not only improved their learning but has also helped them develop multi-tasking skills.

It’s More Affordable Than Ever Before

Technology has become affordable and can be used in a variety of settings, which means that it is accessible to everyone. Because it is cheaper than ever before, schools are able to get the technology they need without breaking their budget or having to ask for donations.

Helps the Teachers

Using technology can also be a huge help for teachers. Teachers are often required to go through tons of resources, and it means they don’t have to spend as much time doing it all by hand. Instead, it is able to do the work for them! It saves lots of their precious class time that could otherwise be lost on looking up materials.

Kids Love It

One thing kids don’t often say no to? Technology! Using it can have an impact on learning, which is why it’s so important to use it in the classroom. Students are becoming more technologically savvy than ever before and it has become a major part of their lives. This means that they may be less interested in what goes on outside of it, but this doesn’t mean that teachers should avoid using it. Kids love it when teachers equip technology because it engages them in studies as well.

Online Tests

Online tests are a great way to take advantage of technology and it results in better grades. With online testing, students have the opportunity to work at their own pace which means they can go back if they need more time or move ahead when they know what’s coming next. This is advantageous for all levels and abilities because teachers don’t penalize slower students but also push those who are more advanced. Online assessment software is an efficient way to assess and provide feedback, which in turn will lead students to be better prepared for the future with integration.

Excess Online Resources

Children won’t be able to remember everything that’s been taught in class.  However, it can store and recall the information for them. Textbooks are being replaced with tablets because they’re less expensive and more interactive than traditional textbooks. Now students have access to video tutorials that will help explain difficult concepts in a variety of ways – from text-based learning to whiteboard animations or even videos captured on-site at major universities.

Online Learning

Online learning are not only for the summer or extended periods of time. Students can now take online courses on a part-time basis. The key aspect is that technology, which has come to be an integral part of our lives, will transform education with technology integration and technology being used as a teaching tool by teachers themselves. During this pandemic, everything was forced to stop. But the education of children was still being kept due to technology.

Tech Skills Improve

We have to teach technology skills because technology is what kids are using. It helps them think creatively and apply math in new ways. It will help our students become citizens of the world, as well as better problem solvers.

Educational Games Are Useful

Educational games are becoming more and more popular. From simple math drills to interactive simulations, it has made learning exciting for students. Parents and teachers can also monitor a child’s growth through their results in those games.

Careers Demand Tech-Savvy Students

Technology is frequently employed by professionals in a wide range of fields and sectors, as we all know. Its implementation into the classroom may provide students with a sense of comfort and familiarity as they prepare to begin their careers. It can also improve class engagement by encouraging different learning types to collaborate.

How to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom?

Some technology is more appropriate than others for the classroom. Here are four examples of how it can be incorporated into a lesson:

– Instructing students to use an online search engine and article database to find ten current events articles they feel should be included in their education news section of the school newspaper.

– Setting up a Skype call with an expert from another country  to provide students with an opportunity to learn about a different culture

– Allowing it to serve as the backdrop for creative projects, such as doodling or making music

– Encouraging students in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to create their own tutorials on the technology they know well.

In these ways, the classroom will be interactive and interesting. Thus, technology in education is a boon!

Final Thoughts

Technology is a valuable tool for providing students with an educational experience that reflects the diversity of our global society. It has infiltrated all aspects of life and can be found everywhere. You needn’t worry about the cons of it because if the users are using it appropriately it’s all fine. So as teachers and parents, educating children on safe usage of it is important.

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