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Five Ways to Improve your Child’s Memory

Five Ways to Improve your Child’s Memory


How often has your child been judged for not having a good memory? How many times has your child forgotten whether they did their homework or not? 

Children can be pretty forgetful at times, especially when it comes to little things like remembering to brush their teeth before bed, having some activity at school tomorrow etc. Although this is a pretty minor thing that you may not usually worry about, there are other skills for children that your child will need as they grow older and begin school requiring memory skills as a prerequisite. Having good memory skills is one way for them to stay organized and remember all sorts of information without writing everything down. So how can you improve your child’s memory skills? There are different and numerous approaches to help your child enhance their memory skills.

Why is Your Child’s Memory Crucial?

memory skills are essential for education

● Your child’s memory skills are essential because skills for children in school and beyond, like learning new things, for example, playing an instrument or getting into new sports and more, will need a fairly decent memory. 

● Having a good memory will also help them remember what they need and remind themselves of their daily responsibilities, especially as they get older and have a lot on their plate. 

child memory

● As mentioned before, the ability to recall things you have learned previously can be applied in various areas, such as giving speeches or presentations at school. This can make it easier for your child to remember all the information taught in class rather than having to refer back to notes when writing essays or reports constantly. 

● Memory is the basic foundation for retaining any important concepts and pointers discussed in the classroom and outside of it. Without memory skills, they can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to process and remember. 

● Learning skills for children, including good memory skills, also help with improving discipline. If children have trouble staying organized and remembering how long they may.

How Can You Improve Your Child’s Memory?

Visualization skills 

Here are five skills for children to improve and enhance your child’s memory skills! 

1. Visualization skills

Teach your kids how to visualize the information they have been taught and organize it into a chart or spreadsheet. Please help them think about what they have learned, connecting it with other concepts they need to know. With visualization skills, if they can picture it, they will be able to remember it.

2. Practicing skills

Get your kids involved with skill development training programs at a summer school or programs led by concerned professionals. Also, try using skills for children, such as memorizing verses or facts from their favorite books. Let the kids come up with their own way that works for them, to practice the information they have learned so that it naturally sticks in their memory and applies when needed. 

3. Stimulation

As for stimulus sensitivities, if they need to be more social, you could enroll them in field trips, which will help them with skills development and improve their interaction with people. You could also consider getting your children involved in skill development training programs or find something relevant online. 

4. Process skills

Your child may be able to memorize information and process skills, whether in the form of doing a crossword or doing another activity that would require them to process it in their brain first. They will find out that it is fun and challenging at the same time. This has been proven to be very helpful in enhancing a child’s memory skills. 

5. Focus skills

Your child can improve focus skills in different ways. One of the best options would be for them to take up a sport that involves them being active with their eyes and hands while at the same time having to think on the go, for example, archery or bull’s eye etc. This is important as you will see your child dealing with many things at the same time. This needs out of the box skills as your child will have to imagine and design something possible for them after applying their well-polished memory skills. 

Benefits of Having a Good Memory

Benefits of good memory

It has been documented that a good memory can help your child possess the following skills: 

1. Academic success.

2. Enhanced skills in reading.

3. Enhanced skills in language acquisition and usage.

4. Enhanced skills in mathematics.

5. Enhanced skills in sciences, including physics, chemistry and biology.

6. Enhanced skills to make friends with people outside their clique or out-group members 

7. Enhanced skills to express themselves more smoothly if they remember things precisely. 


Children’s memory is a critical skill for them to develop. It can be hard to know what you should do as the parent of a child with poor memory, but there are some things that we recommend trying and others that we don’t. For example, it may not make sense to teach your kid how to memorize multiplication tables if they have trouble remembering the alphabet or their address. Instead, focus on strengthening other skills like spatial reasoning to remember better where objects are in relation to one another. If you want help identifying ways to optimize your child’s development—from early years through adulthood—reach out to your friends, family, or professionals who could assist your child with proper skill development training.

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