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How to improve the maths of my child?




Child Learning




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Mathematics is the core foundation of understanding life; there is absolutely nothing in this world where mathematical applications do not contribute their part. Even to understand a single piece of matter, from a needle to a sword, mathematical applications must understand and deduce its shape, size, volume, structure, speed, density, length, breadth, and area, and whatnot?

From the moment we open our eyes to this world, mathematics plays its part. It becomes clear that how we will see this world will significantly depend upon our skills of understanding and applying mathematics; the more you try to deny it, the more it makes sense.

Fractions, series, multiplications, number games- we are surrounded by all of this, and most importantly, even if you don’t like mathematics. Still, you can’t help but learn it to at least understand money.

Division of money and multiplying it for your profit are traits you must be ready for within the elementary school. Elementary mathematics is all about making you smart with terms like algebra, trigonometry, fractions, and most important- make you practice more and more so that you are able to do critical thinking.

Why Is Math Skills So Important For Kids?

Mathematics is not just a subject anymore; it has become a necessity to survive in the world, you may never use it in the later years of your life, but you need to dip your fingers in the juice of maths to make it out of the schooling and understand general concepts of working equipment and appliances.

Before we dive into complex mathematics, basic mathematics is where all the fun begins. This is the playground where you practice more to build your concept and remember that you can not do anything in mathematics without developing the concept.

Most people find mathematics problems difficult because they do not have their concept clear, and that’s why they scoreless and never break the ceiling of average grades and excellency in mathematics, ending up missing out on several careers and professional opportunities.

The major problem arrives when most of the exams consist of maths and as an important section in them, and you just can’t put yourself up to them, and you know why because you never had your concepts clear and whatever you learned in your school time has already vanished from your mind.

You need to understand that as a parent, you must instill the importance of maths in your children from the very early stages of their lives and education.

How To Improve Child’s Maths Skills

If you don’t do it now for your child, your child will never do it for themselves in the future. Guardians play a big role in their children’s mathematical success. Let us talk about how we can bring improvement in the understanding of mathematics when it comes to our children

Understand How Children Learn

Before children understand math, you need to understand your children; they need to grow in a fun-loving and skillful environment; here are some tips as to how you can guide them –

1. Help in exploring; when you are sitting with your children and talking about their studies, it helps them understand that each thing comes from a concept, and they should explore it to understand the full story instead of just remembering the character. Let them investigate and come up to you with their curiosity.

2. Let them understand and reveal the curtains of simple and pure mathematics with their own. Every concept has a short cut hand that is necessary for them to understand and grasp speed and accuracy while solving problems, whether basic or tricky maths.

3. Every time your children come across a new concept, they will have trouble understanding it, and that’s where you come up with support for them. You have to be present to solve your child’s issues else; they will build a long rage and hate towards mathematics, which will soon become a fear.

Developing Math Skills In Early Childhood

Even as infants, the child starts using math in the back of their mind comparing shapes, measuring distances with hands and palms, and holding things that are heavy in a way they are already applying applications of math which they haven’t read or understood yet.

Aspects like critical thinking, problem-solving attitude, puzzle-solving, money-related questions, fractions, and taking part in a maths quiz come later in their lives. Not to mention geometry, algebra and trigonometry are very important aspects of maths; forms of exponential degree are some concepts that are still not very clear to students, and again the reason is that they didn’t have any guidance at the time of their schooling. But if you will look closely, you will see that all of these are very basic concepts of maths and should be thoroughly understood and made clear to the students.

How To Develop Maths Skills In Children

books showing maths formula

Your children must possess curiosity and practice; if they believe in these two things, everything else will follow them. But if they lack the curiosity and the will to practice, then to be serious, maths isn’t your children’s cup of tea.

And if you still want your children to excel at maths, then introduce it to them as mysteries to be solved, play along with them and treat maths like a play of numbers; whether it is trigonometry or algebra, nothing is too impossible to understand. All they need is the correct guidance from you. 

The child should strive to have a problem-solving attitude with an urge to learn maths and master it by taking part in maths quizzes and learning from maths tutorial videos other than what they learn in school. Maths tutorial videos actually give a great idea of shortcuts in maths so that students can perform high-level multiplication and division within seconds.

Be In Contact With Your Child’s Math Teacher

From the age of 5 to 16, a substantial amount of time of a child is spent at school, and these are the same years when the actual growth of mind and skills are formed.  Do you want your kid to develop his skills in maths? We will advise you to stay in touch with his or her maths professor so they can update you about the progress and share their weaknesses with you. Also, at the same time, you may choose to share your concerns with their teachers.

Take Help Of The Technology

Children love technology; today, toddlers can open a smartphone; 5-year-olds can install a game and watch videos on iPad. And thus, this gives us a massive opportunity of using the advantage of the internet and smartphones and mobile phone apps to make them learn maths; there are several numbers of apps present in the app store for your help.

Treat Maths Like A Game

Maths is nothing but a game of numbers; help your ward to understand it, do not treat it like a memorized story. You must help your child understand the rules of this game, and then you both can play together. This will help them practice and practice more till they become the master of this game.

Ask them to solve one maths quiz and ten problems of each multiplication and division to let the maths grow in their head and to form it like a habit.

Discover Real Maths

It won’t be wrong if we say that the world is nothing but a hugely complex problem of maths. And it needs practice and daily attention to survive in this world; what we are implying is that the world is full of maths. Problems are present everywhere in the lives that allow us to apply the formulas of maths in our daily lives and thus eventually get better answers about how the world runs.

Your Kid Is Unique

Never compare your child with anyone; each kid is unique. Some are good in algebra, and some are good at trigonometry and fractions, but that doesn’t mean that you should bring a comparison between them. By doing so, you end up demeaning your ward and nothing else.

To sum up, we can say that children should only have two things to understand maths and that is the urge to practice and practice more. A problem-solving attitude, rest assured, will follow, and ultimately your child will become good in maths.

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