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How to help your kids learn history

How to help your kids learn history


To learn history is all about what had happened in the past. These are mostly events that had shaped the destiny of mankind. Innumerable wars, situations, machinations, revolutions and situations had played an important role in where do we stand now. Without knowing why we are here, we will be groping in the dark.  If your kids learn history, it will teach them the pattern of events that resulted in a series of changes that determined the future course of mankind.  In this aspect, history acts as a signpost, from where we can divine where we should have we gone or where did we go?

Fun and Interesting ways to learn history

Most of the time, children would consider to learn history as a tough subject.  This often has to do with the countless dates and the scope of history as a behemoth subject. But do you know when we learn history with passion it can be one of the most entertaining subjects? We can see the pattern of events unravelling in front of us, like a movie. We can see Buddha teaching his disciples, and Ashoka repenting after the gruesome Kalinga war. If taught properly, this will make the child understand where do we stand as a race, and how did we reach here. This blog will suggest some ways to make the subject interesting.

Interesting ways to learn history

Have a nice conversation with the child

to make them learn history talking to them is important

The child might be having assumptions and perceptions about the subject to learn history like it is a tough subject to crack, it’s boring etc. To allay his fears, have a proper conversation with him/ her. Explain to him what history is.  Explain to him by learning it we can understand the significance of mankind as a race.  Talk in a friendly, cordial way, so that child will take an immediate interest in it.

Teach using the story method

story telling is important to make them learn history

History can be taught using the story method. As most of the children are curious beings, make stories out of historical events. For example, tell the child about the repentance of Ashoka in the aftermath of the Kalinga war. The child should go through the agonies experienced by the emperor. Also explain to him events such as the First World War, Second World War in the story method, without stressing much on violence. This method will make the child enjoy the subject.

Take the help of books

Books are the best companions when getting that extra information in order to learn history. For this, research thoroughly on the books on history for children. Use some encyclopedias as well. Reading them, the child will understand more about the subject.   Encourage him to take notes, in order to learn history and ask doubts whenever he feels so.

Make him watch documentaries

encouraging kids to watch documentaries will help them learn history

BBC has some excellent documentaries on the subject of history. Do some research on the best documentaries for children and make a list. 


helping them learn history is easy

Children are the seekers of knowledge. They sparkle with innate curiosity and we have to channelize that into productivity. History is an interesting and entertaining subject and when taught in the right way, anyone will enjoy it.

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