5 Memory Building Tips That You Can Pick Up During Online Learning!
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5 Memory Building And Online Learning Tips We Can Guarantee Works!

5 Memory Building And Online Learning Tips We Can Guarantee Works!

Why Build Memory?

Real learning, as we all know, stems from when you can apply what you’ve learnt and you know the practical knowledge behind things. And practicality is what online learning lacks in. But what if we told you that mugging up is very important too? Contrary to popular belief, mugging actually helps a great deal as it helps children memorize important information such as the multiplication table or the periodic table. With the way in which our current education system is planned, mugging is known to single handedly be one of the best techniques for understanding formulas. Since formal education to the most extent is focused on mugging, what can we do to help our kids while in online learning? Let’s dive right in, shall we?

online learning is better

How Does Memory Work?

Memory works in different ways. Some of them being muscle memory, meaning, the ability to remember things through repeated motor movement. This is why teachers in your childhood made you repeatedly write the corrected versions of the wrong spellings in your test! Memory building can also be through repeated listening to something with a tune. That is how we register songs in our mind. But online learning has changed it all now.

But what about children of different ages?

Memory building for children of different ages differ by year and it is important to note that you mustn’t push your child beyond their age group. For younger kids around 2-4 years old, one way you can build their memory is through even simple actions. This can be such as setting a proper time table that your child can follow. Questioning them what comes after the other helps them be more observant about what is happening. Eg. when you’ve established a proper night time routine you can ask your child what comes after brushing their teeth, which the child will answer as bed time story time!

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Child’s Memory

  1. Colors

Colors play a huge role in the memory of, especially, your younger child.


Colors play a huge role in the memory of, especially, your younger child. This is why brands use colorful bright colors because it catches attention easily. This is also used by various programs focused on online learning for kids. Flashcards are a popular concept where the main point is written on one side and the sub points on the other. The use of colors helps in easy recall as well. This is why when studying it is recommended to get pens or markers of different colors to mark the different points as per its importance.

  1. Create music with your material

Create music with your material can help in online learning


Studying can be very much fun if you want it to be. Most interactive online learning for kids is centered around material that stimulates the student with audio visuals. There is also the emergence of VR or virtual reality that gives students an almost life-like experience with what they are learning. As humans, our brain tends to latch onto music. So just like we remember the lyrics to a song it can be that easy to remember the contents of your learning material.

  1. Understanding what kind of learner he/she is

unique learning style and learning styles


Every child has a unique online learning style and learning styles largely affect the quality of your memory. Children who learn visually will benefit from virtual learning a lot as it helps them visualize what they are learning better. They also tend to do great when subjects like history are taught to them by visiting museums or picture dictionaries. Most wholesome online learning platforms will help cover different areas of learning.

  1. Break it down

Girl breaking down material into smaller chunks will help her memorize information better.


Breaking down material into smaller chunks is a really good way to memorize information better while in online learning. That is why some phone numbers have hyphens to separate into smaller chunks for better understanding. This can be used by you to help your child remember important information like phone numbers, addresses, etc in case of any distress. Breaking it into little chunks helps store the memory for a longer time as well. Since everything we do now has moved to online learning it is hard to process a lot of information at once, so this helps!

  1. Remember the main key

keywords play a huge role in memory building


Keywords play a huge part in memory building and it is absolutely essential for your child to be able to remember information through keywords. This is absolutely helpful when it comes to studying science based subjects. Breaking a main topic down to its keywords helps in better learning and memorizing. This is a technique used by a lot of educational videos as well. Building a flowchart with all the important keywords is also very helpful.

Bonus Info For Aiding Your Online Learning!

Using methods such as the Pomodoro technique is very useful for students to manage their time and study schedules without burning out. According to this technique a student uses 25 minute bursts of energy to study different topics and take 5 minute breaks in between. This is a method from the 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo!

Let us know in the comments which one you’ll be trying out soon, Happy Learning!

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