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Small Short Stories With Moral Values

Small Short Stories With Moral Values

To be a parent is difficult and to perform a parent’s duty is even more difficult. But, with the right tricks and knowledge you can do that. Remember, the Greeks defeated the Trojans only by applying the correct strategy. Parenting is not more challenging than that. 

Bringing a child up requires patience, mental strength, and consistency. Looking after your little one’s physical and psychological development is not enough. They need to build moral values as well. How will you do that? It is simple. Do you know what entices children the most? Stories. There is no better way than stories to educate children about moral values. This trick has been fruitful for ages now. Aesop’s fables are excellent examples of stories from which children can derive value. 

What Are Moral Values?

According to the famous theorist Lawrence Kohlberg, moral values change with age. But, still, some universal moral values apply to every age group. They are honesty, compassion, tolerance towards others’ beliefs and every life form, etc. These moral values determine how we judge good and evil. Some moral values for students align with the ideas of adults’ moral values as influenced by adults. 

Famous Aesop’s Fables 

The Owl & the Grasshopper

The story revolves around a grasshopper and an owl, where the grasshopper wants to sing, disturbing the owl’s sleep. The owl could not get rid of the grasshopper by request. So, the owl tricked the grasshopper into fake flattery and invited him in his hollow to give him a divine potion to improve his singing skills. As soon as the grasshopper enters his hollows , the owl eats him at once. 

Moral Values of the Story: Always try to know the real intention behind flattery. Children learn to judge people by their purpose and not by mere words. 

The Wolf & The Crane

A wolf was troubled with a bone stuck in his throat. He asked a crane to pull it out and promised a reward. Though the crane hesitated to put his head inside the wolf’s mouth, he did it. The wolf started moving out of the place as soon as the bone was out. When the crane asked about the reward, he said, “Was not a reward enough that I let you out your head without snipping it off?” 

Morale Values of the Story: Children learn to judge people’s intentions before helping them from this Aesop’s fables story. No one can provoke them to do any misdeed anymore. 

The Wild Boar & The Fox

This fable is one of Aesop’s fables for kids that comes with a practical moral. A wild boar was seen by a fox when he was sharpening his teeth. The fox cunningly tried to make fun of him by hiding as if someone was attacking them. When the boar did not give him attention, he asked why he was now sharpening his teeth. The board answered, “When the enemy will be there, I will not have time to sharpen the teeth.”

Morale Values of the Story: Well-preparedness is always necessary to fight the enemy when it’s time. 

Importance of Moral Values

Help in Strong Character Building 

Children with good values often build stronger characters than others. People with wicked personalities cannot affect their actions because they can judge people by their actions. Their nature can easily outwit all the stupidity around them.  

Boost Self-confidence & Positivity 

All the moral values for kids work as enlightenment for them. Any child who perceives these values from within always believes in doing good. Besides being positive in their lives, they spread positivity around them. Thus, they grow up to be self-confident and optimistic people. 

Distinguishing Right from Wrong 

At a tender age, distinguishing between right and wrong becomes too difficult for children, who often fall into traps. When parents guard their morality with Aesop’s fables, they get real-life scenarios and can quickly determine good and bad for them. 

Ward of Negative Peer Influence 

Nowadays, children often go with the wrong company just to become “Cool”. Who does not want to be famous? But, if being popular means you have to choose quantity over quality, it can be threatening. In this world of rapid technological advancement and social media platforms, negative peer influence is common. Bringing your children up with specific values can help them avoid these unnecessary troubles and become one of a kind. 

Help Get Healed from Negativity 

Turmoils of life often pull one down to the dungeon of negativity. The kind of moral values children build in students’ lives stay with them for the rest of their life. Hence they can quickly bid adieu to any issues coming their way. Your child must know how to rise above them. 

You must have heard that old proverb, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” However, their lives will be very different from these stories. Maybe they will face other consequences. Yet, your child will have a glimpse of the reality from these stories and stay prepared.

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