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The Mantra for Modern Teaching Methods and Strategies – “Quality Over Quantity”

The Mantra for Modern Teaching Methods and Strategies – “Quality Over Quantity”


Kirthana, a 7th-grade student at a private school in Bangalore, confessed that she cheated during the annual exam that got her into 8th class. Then she failed her class test a few months later. “I was too lazy to study because I thought that my friends would allow me to copy their tests again,” Kirthana confessed and recalled. She realized that she had passed the annual exam only because of someone else’s knowledge and modern teaching methods and strategies and not of her own. 

New teaching methods and techniques are important and, as we know, teaching is a delicate and demanding job, Be it a school student or a cricket player, not every learner learns the same way.  Rahul Dravid, the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, currently the head coach of the under-19 cricket team, also has a similar view. “I think one size fits all is not something I would really recommend as a coach or a teacher.”

Have you just started your career in teaching or are you an experienced professional? If you find it challenging to know which new teaching methods and strategies will work best with your students, then you are not alone. It’s quite common. To be an effective educator, you need to adjust your new teaching methods and techniques according to the requirements of the students. So, the question is: how would you improve your teaching methodology for each student? The answer is that you should implement innovative ideas that make the classroom experience much more lovable for your students. We will go over some of the most innovative modern teaching methods that many educators have forged over the last few years and that every 21st-century teacher should be familiar with.

What are the Different Teaching Aids to Improve Quality Learning?

It’s Time to Experiment More on Teaching Techniques.

Change is the only constant in life, and every profession must evolve with the needs and demands of time. So does this teaching profession. It is continuously advancing and evolving. Several studies are being done in this field, and new technologies are emerging that are fundamental to modern teaching. If you are struggling to keep pace with current demand, we would recommend you stay updated with a detailed knowledge of current technologies and recent advancements in the educational field. And there you go. You will be able to crack the code to provide quality education to your students. 

Tech-Driven Learning is More Fun

New Teaching Methods and Techniques

Young minds are more adept with technological skills, so if you integrate software and social media into your teaching method, you will instantly get students’ attention—a prerequisite for advanced learning. If you’re teaching new vocabulary, for instance, use vocabulary improvement software. It is one of the best and most fun new teaching methods and techniques that will help your students learn through fun games and interactive activities. Moreover, using classroom management software and apps to get your students and their parents engaged with knowledge will help you reduce the number of “I forgot there’s an assignment” excuses and get students used to taking responsibility.

Good Space and a Good Environment Are the Keys.

Modern Teaching methods

Today’s classrooms and go-to teaching techniques are mainly focused on extroverts. That’s because we encourage noise, quick-changing activities, and open-class discussions. But good intentions do not always lead to good results.

For example, while active students make their presence more obvious by being talkative and quick to raise their hand, we often fail to realize just how many shy kids we actually have.

“There are times when there are children or boys or girls who may be a little introverted, maybe a little shy, maybe a little underconfident and not able to express their skills the first time you see them.” Be it extrovert, ambivert, or introverted, one temperament is not better than any other. However, introverted students are often overlooked, undervalued, and overstimulated in schools.

We strongly believe that a school is a place for introverted kids to be able to adapt to the world instead of the school educating them and giving them instruments for developing their innate abilities. Of course, socializing is necessary for introverts, and they like it in their own way. And so, to better understand the needs of students, Rahul Dravid himself shared his thoughts on one of the ideal teaching methods that he believes today’s schools should take up. According to him, “If you give them a good space and a good environment to grow, you can see their personalities come out, and they will surprise you.”

One of the best examples to support these teaching aids would be the Director of Cricket Operations and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Dravid. 

Teaching Can Be Made More Lively and Interesting

New Teaching Methods and Strategies

P.s: As a teacher, you might love teaching, but do your students love learning?

Be it social media, intuitive educational apps, or practical learning, there are many online and offline resources to spice up learning. Technology is certainly not a thing that can distract a student’s mind. It can empower him/her more than we can think of. Blended learning is a power to promote learning that is beyond your imagination!

Students often get bored easily, so your goal is to be unexpectedly interesting. Always keep their moods “ON” and surprise them with a vocabulary lesson, initiate a Q&A session to discuss a history test, or have online-based assignments. Learning in informal settings, like museums and after-school clubs, can link educational content with issues that matter to all types of learners. These connections work in both directions and spark further interest to learn.

Brainstorming Sessions Are a Must.

Teaching Techniques

It is good to include some brainstorming sessions where students can challenge their thinking process. Give them puzzles or interesting activities so that they can apply their thought process. This would stimulate their brains, make them active, and boost them up to learn new lessons. 


Being an effective teacher is indeed a challenge because every student is unique. And if you are trying to be one of them, hats off! You are doing a commendable job! As Rahul Dravid rightly said, “Every student is unique, and treating them as someone that you may have to teach in very different ways is something a teacher must care for.”

Today, there is an added impetus and pressure on teachers to change their teaching methods and strategies to help foster an era of new learning, which is essential to tackle complex global challenges. There are many more teaching aids and quality learning techniques that give impressive results in improving student education. School authorities should also come forward and support teachers to implement advanced and creative teaching techniques in classrooms. With the advancements in digital education and blended learning, The Orchids International School has already started to play an important role in student life by combining different learning styles. 

What teaching aids do you use to be an effective teacher and make students take an interest in what you’re teaching? 

Have you got any top teaching aids? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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