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Why You Should Introduce Newspaper Reading Habits In Your Child

Why You Should Introduce Newspaper Reading Habits In Your Child


Newspapers are a great source of knowledge and entertainment. It helps children to stay updated about things going around them. There is much helpful information in the newspaper that can help them during exam times. So, newspaper reading habits in children from the very beginning will enable them to grow up as intelligent human beings and help shape their careers according to their interests and choice.

Benefits of newspaper reading habits in a child

1) Newspaper reading habits will help develop their language skill.

2) Newspapers are filled with exciting stories that are sure to capture the child’s imagination. For example, newspaper ads for kids can tell them about new toys or adventure games, etc.

3) Newspaper provides information about many activities going around children.

4) Newspapers are a good source of knowledge that can help the child score well in exams and competitions at the school level.

5) Newspapers help children broaden their thinking process as they learn about different cultures and customs across the world. This exposure will surely enhance their critical thinking ability.

6) Children’s newspaper reading habits give valuable insight into global happenings like weather conditions, natural disasters, earthquakes, social issues, crime against women, etc.

How to introduce newspaper reading habits in a child?

1) Make newspaper reading fun for kids

To get the child interested in newspaper reading habits, it is very important that newspaper reading should be made a fun activity. In case your child looks at the newspaper as a boring piece of the printed sheet, then trying to make him read the newspaper will never yield any results. So, you have to ensure that he starts enjoying newspaper reading by using various types of newspapers available out there and how they look, etc.

2) Opt for colourful newspapers

These days, newspapers come with comic strips that grab young readers’ attention. You should also opt for newspapers with bright colours so that children get attracted to newspapers easily while browsing through a newspaper kiosk or while going through a newspaper advertisement, or even when watching the news on television. This is an excellent way to engage your child in a newspaper reading habit.

3) Introduce newspaper reading in routine

You should also make a newspaper reading part of your child’s routine activity like reading the newspaper while having breakfast or during travelling times, etc. This will allow your child to get habituated with newspaper reading which is very much needed for his newspaper reading growth.

4) Engage children before the newspaper starts

Parents should always engage their children (especially students) in various kinds of newspaper-related activities to don’t feel newspaper boring and start hating newspapers from the core of their hearts just because their parents forced them to read the newspaper regularly. You can involve them in online newspaper games or encourage them to choose specific types of news for article writing purposes. This will also help your children to get a newspaper reading habit quickly.

5) Involve newspaper in daily activities

Apart from these, the newspaper should always be included in the daily routine activities like breakfast or dinner time. You can involve newspaper-related news items in everyday family conversations so that your kids don’t feel bored and forced to embrace newspaper reading habits early. Remember, you are providing newspaper reading skills and creating newspaper interest, which is equally essential for the future newspaper growth of your child!

6) Encourage research-based newspaper reading habits

Newspapers are the best teachers for young minds, so provide them with newspaper learning materials, too, which will take newspaper reading skills further and enhance research-based newspaper reading habits! Apart from newspaper reading at home, if your children are willing to read the newspaper on their own, you can encourage them to buy the newspaper of their choice. You should always help them read newspapers if they get stuck with any word or concept while reading a newspaper.

7) Make newspaper interesting by sharing fun facts about it

You must have heard this saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. This line applies to kids perfectly, especially when making newspapers enjoyable. Prepare some funny and interesting facts about the newspaper industry which you can share with your child while reading the newspaper together. This will make the newspaper exciting and provide fun facts to share with friends over lunch tables at school.

8) Talk to newspaper sellers about newspaper subscriptions for children

Children can get a newspaper subscription quickly, reading after returning home from school or on vacations. Instead of letting newspapers lie around, encourage children to learn newspapers by giving them newspaper subscriptions!

9) Encourage children to visit newspaper office too

Seeing a newspaper office is a good experience for kids because it teaches them the actual value of a newspaper, where all stories are written &; published, how a newsroom works etc. Many times, newspapers also organise tours exclusively meant for kids, which further enhances their learning!


With a newspaper subscription, you can start a newspaper reading habit in your child at home itself. Your kid will become responsible and won’t waste the newspaper by just leaving it around! Plus, newspaper reading is one of the best ways to enhance their English, general knowledge &; many other skills!

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