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Importance of IELTS – Simplified!

Importance of IELTS – Simplified!

English has today turned into the superpower language that it is. One can easily indulge in the language even through online learning. Spoken in over 67 countries around the world and about 27 sovereign countries, English has reigned supreme over the world. Being a common language that most people know, this has actually simplified communication all over the world. IELTS or International English Language Test is a common test taken up by students who wish to go abroad and settle for either their job or even for their university education. Now that we know the Importance of IELTS, let’s go through the details.

The Catch

the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia host the IELTS, a well known and accepted test throughout the world. It is very easily accessible and since there is a pandemic happening at the moment, they have completely moved their tests to online spaces. E-learning courses for IELTS have become popular due to the sheer demand of this course. 

Importance of IELTS

Importance of IELTS

India is the second largest English speaking country in the world! The United States of America being the first. This also means that most Indians are bilingual (Bilingual means knowing to communicate and speak in 2 different languages, in this case, that of the mother tongue and English). 

Coming down to age, age is not a barrier for IELTS and it welcomes candidates from all the different walks of life. Meaning, even your kids can give it a shot! But the council generally recommends it for children aged 16 and above as it is more useful for them. There are two types of tests-academic and the other general. The importance of IELTS lies in the fact that it can be taken up by students for admissions abroad to their dream colleges. There are many courses that can act as an online study for kids. Encourage your child to get it done so that there is no hesitation by the immigration on whether to permit you in the country or not. Though, do note that not all students would have to take the test as it is purely a decision made by colleges. Some colleges do not have the IELTS test as a requirement. 

What is in the IELTS test?

a child studying for IELTS

Passing the IELTS would mean scoring enough in each of its areas. The areas for it are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

These are the four main important categories that help in creating good English skills that can be used throughout life. The general training version is recommended for those who want to work abroad.

Other Reasons for The Importance of IELTS:

a parent telling child the Importance of IELTS

1. Better Career opportunities 

IELTS can give you a pretty good edge in the career field. You can land government based jobs abroad as it is accepted by many universities, institutes and employers. Over 135 countries all over the world and over 9,000 organisations accept this certification.

2. Applicable in multiple ways

The importance of IELTS is that this certification can help get you into universities and also help in getting your visa’s in some countries. So in short, it is a great investment to have for your child’s future endeavours.

3. Helps better your soft skills

Speaking forms a very important part of how people perceive you and where your stand in society can be. This test can help in sharpening all the different parts of efficient communication and make better well-rounded torchbearers for the future. As the test focuses on Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading, it covers all the main parts of making an efficient person. Confidence also lies in how well you can present yourself so being a confident person has a lot to do with how well you can present different ideas. 


Examinations can be given by the candidate once a week and to a maximum of 4 times a month and there are about 48 scheduled tests organized by the British Council in a year. Some of the best online sites for resources would include their official website for IELTS. This contains all that you need including any kind of notifications that you must be wary about. In times like these where online learning is the best way to go, this is the best opportunity for students to connect to different languages in the comfort of their homes!

Now that you know the Importance of IELTS, what are you waiting for?

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