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Best Online Learning Sites for Children

Best Online Learning Sites for Children


  1. Advantages of Online Learning for Children
  2. Disadvantages of Online Learning
  3. Online Learning websites

The importance of digitalization in this Coronavirus pandemic era has been reached at a different altitude. The digital world has driven almost all the activities from education to commerce and trade. Online learning for children nowadays is the new big thing that happened in this fourth industrial revolution. The digitalization of education gave birth to the online learning mechanism. With the advancement of technology, the scope for online learning has grown tremendously.

Know all the online learning sites that your kids need

Now, the traditional approach of searching for an academic environment is not prevalent. Online learning for children at any juncture makes it attractive and an enjoyable process to be involved in online activities and explore the things that suit their interests. A student loves the mobility which an e-learning platform is providing them. It is famous prose that very few love to read books. Online learning for children, or we can say e-learning, on the other hand, is seen as a big picture for students. This virtual revolution grabs the attention of the audience. Online learning, through its visual representation and portrayal, has to easily grab interaction.

Advantages of Online Learning for Children

Advantages of online learning that makes e-learning platforms flourish more nowadays for children

  • Cost-effective
  • Mobility
  • Vastness of content
  • No age limit for learners
  • Less time-consuming
  • Does not require any infrastructure
  • All-time available resource
  • Easily accessible and available
  • Provide an option to get rid of boring lectures
  • Demonstrations that attract the audience

Disadvantages of Online Learning

Despite some advantages, there is a certain disadvantage of being involved in e-learning. The dependency over e-learning may cost:-

  • The student to learn things alone in the absence of pupil-teacher- Internet speed may be a barrier sometimes
  • Concept clarification
  • Limited content on the Internet
  • Accessibility and affordability in remote areas

 For the young generation, the gazette is like a desire for them. The active involvement of children in online learning, or we can say online activities for kids, provoked many to run educational websites. There are many educational websites, or we can say kids learning websites on the Internet via which they can be actively involved in the online learning process. It not only makes them happy but builds their concept and knowledge. Kids learning websites in this online learning era are the big thing that shapes their upbringing.

 Here we will discuss a few kids learning websites, or we can say educational websites that pave the way for their development, whether cognitive or social and emotional.


1. ReadingIQ:-

 A very significant feature of this e-learning educational website is that it provides access to over 7000 plus books to kids ages 2-12. The book varies from graphics, painting, fun jokes, poems, novels, children’s stories, and famous comic books. ReadingIQ is one of the finest children learning websites for online learning.

 2. National Geographic Kids:-

The animals’ and animal’s activities grab the attention of the child. It is one of the interesting kids learning websites that will allow your child to answer your question if you have asked him anything related to nature. The National Geographic Kids is the kind of e-learning educational websites over which your little one can watch videos of his interest, play video games, and will be aware of nature.

 3. Funbrain:-

 One of the prominent kids learning website which helps in improving skill and enhancement of IQ level. It provides a problem-solving approach, increases the reading ability, and facilitates creativeness.

 4. Wonderopolis:-

It is said that this educational website for online learning is like an addiction. Wonderopolis offers answers to the frequently asked questions by any involved in this online learning platform; they may stick to it for several hours.

 5. Pottermore:-

Pottermore is one of the best kids learning website in which your young one can love the magical stories of the famous novel Harry Potter. The e-learning platform evolves the Hogwarts universe by providing features like educational games and stories that come alive. It makes reading fun for our young ones.

 6. Khan Academy:-

 It is one of the famous educational websites which works as the non-profit educational organization created by Salman Khan. It is a free learning app through which online learning for kids ages 4-18 can be easily done.

 7. BYJUs:-

BYJUs in India are getting immense support and now became an online learning brand. It is one of the listed educational websites that are now so much developed that it provides sponsorship to the Indian Cricket team jersey. The online learning app has bundles of content for kids and everyone. The top-rated faculties train and educate kids via this e-learning sites.

 Apart from that, there are many e-learning sites in which kids’ online activities can be seen as active engagement. The other online learning sites which can be preferred for kids are

Coursera, Vedantu, Udemy, Extra marks, Spatullata, Unacademy, Make me Genius, DOGO news, NASA kid’s club, BrainPop, Scholastic, CoolMath, How stuff works, etc.

Out of these educational websites, Scholastic is one of the finest and unique kids learning websites. As it is like a child is learning things from schools via this online learning platform. The e-learning website contains activities for kids to perform and gear up the cognitive development of the child.

Online learning helps kids to attain cognitive development quickly. These online learning platforms for kids has bestowed control in learner’s hand. The learner has full command over time, place, and method of learning. The online learning industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Online learning is both a new tool and a new domain of learning. Its development runs parallel to the ever-updating technology. This fact gives surety of further advances in newer platforms and methods of learning.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your kid with not just new facts and knowledge but also with the platform of learning.

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