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How Parental Involvement Can Help Children’s Healthy Growth


Samadrita Chakraborty





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“A tree with strong roots laughs at the storms.” 

This famous proverb applies to both trees and humans. A person blessed with the parent’s involvement from childhood thrives to enjoy a complete and satisfactory life. His life choice does not affect his future, and the person learns to think from different perspectives. Every child psychologist has stressed the importance of parental involvement. A child stays vulnerable to every opportunity in the beginning. Significantly, teenagers tend to make decisions very frequently. But if guided on the right track, they can turn impossible into possible. So, trust your child and become their support system. Parental involvement is a blessing to every child, and we will see how. 

Effective Parental Involvement Programs

A child receives healthy growth only when both his school and parents contribute to his well-being. Most of a child’s time is spent at home. Good habits taught at school will impact his life when they are practised at home as well. Therefore, parents must be up-to-date with their children’s curriculum and extracurricular activities. Some schools have started involving parents uniquely by applying some processes. They are: 

Online Videos for Advice 

Young parents are often confused about their children’s growth. As most parents spend a significant amount of time online, there is no better option than engaging them through video content. The videos will help them understand their children better. Parental involvement in education starts from these online educational videos. 

Dedicated Blogs & Online Calendars 

Schools are now creating separate blog spots on their websites. The topics are child-centric and helpful for parents. On the one hand, these blogs help parents with tips. On the other hand, parents look for the calendar when coming to the blog website. Thus, they stay up-to-date with their children’s holiday routines and school events. 

The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most potent means of communication nowadays. Schools are creating social media pages to connect with parents more. Relevant posts on these pages increase parental involvement in school activities. Students of different ages perform more activities as the parents are aware of their progress. 

Events Hosting

When both parents work or the child has a single parent, schools increase their involvement through different events. These well-thought-out events bring parents closer to their kids and the school.  

Ways Parents Can Be Involved in Their Child’s Education?

When parents are their children’s best friends, they willingly join in their children’s school activities. Some of the most-encouraged activities include:

PTA Meetings 

Regular parent-teacher association meetings are a great way to engage parents. Here, they get a clear overview of how much growth their children are receiving. 

Help with the Coursework 

Help with the Coursework

Helping children with their coursework or homework has always been a good way for parents to get engaged. Therefore, schools are encouraging this endeavour. 

Learn Together Programmes 

Not everyone is privileged enough to get parental involvement in childhood education. In this situation, parents can learn with the students. Nowadays, multiple educational websites help students and parents to understand. 

Importance of Parental Involvement in Education

parental involvement in education

The benefits of parent involvement in schools are shown at the end of their academic life. Not only academics but their overall development depends on the parents’ participation from a tender age, reflected in:

Academic Excellence 

Children who get their parents’ involvement throughout their student life do well academically. As their parents are their go-to people whenever they feel any inconveniences in their lesson, they do not have to wait for doubt clearance.

Improved Behavioural Issues 

When parents track their child’s development throughout their academic lives, they are always up-to-date with the child’s physical and emotional growth. So, whatever behavioural issues they develop with growing age can be very quickly improved with parental involvement.  

Enhanced Teacher Performance 

Imagine you are in regular conversation with your child’s teacher. They can update the little ones’ growth and issues whenever required. A quick revert back from your side helps teachers give personal attention to them. 

Boost Parents-children Relationships

Boost Parents-children Relationships

When parents are directly involved in children’s growth, their relationship also enhances. A whole community gets involved in the child’s growth when parents directly intervene. 

Parental Involvement in Career Choice

The level of parental involvement in a child’s life decides where his life will take him. If the child shares his decisions with the parents, they can thoroughly research the background and the chances of that career. Not only that, there are other benefits like:

Cognitive Thinking 

Often our children come up with ideas for their future that are next to impossible. These far-fetched ideas influence them when they are detached from reality. Only parents can bridge that gap. 

Different Aspects of a Field 

Parents can help children see what they might have overlooked. With years of experience and clarity of thought, parents can give valuable input. 

Socio-cultural Development 

Socio-cultural Development

Before choosing a career, one must prepare their personality. Parental involvement helps students with socio-cultural development. Children get ready on their feet to meet the natural world, and that too with little difficulty. 

Parental involvement controls children’s growth positively. Staying beside your children throughout their growth and development boosts their confidence. They strive to be independent individuals who can make their own decisions and do not waver in the most challenging moments of their lives.

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