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How to help your child prepare for their examination

How to help your child prepare for their examination


Do you prepare your child for their examination? It is challenging to prepare children for the examinations. They are not aware that they must prepare themselves. If they do not prepare, they will be spending sleepless nights before their next exam. A student should learn how to prepare. We can prepare our children for their exams by being more involved in their lives and giving them tips on how to  prepare for examinations.

13 tips for preparing for examination

Here are some steps that you can follow to help your child prepare for examinations:

1) Help them in making a routine

At a young age, children are not aware that they must prepare themselves to get good results. They might think that they will be ready for all examinations if they prepare one time. To ensure that your child prepare for examinations perfectly, help them in making a routine. A child should have a routine to know when it is the time to study and when it is the time to play or relax. This is an essential step in a child’s examination preparation.

2) Tell them what exactly you expect from them

Students need to prepare for examinations well in advance to appear well for their examination. Do not forget to tell your child clearly about what you expect from them during exams. If they have an idea about what will be asked, then this will help them prepare better for the upcoming exam. For a better child’s examination preparation, they must be aware of what will be there.

3) Ask questions

If your child is not clear about something, you must ask them questions about exams. The more they practise, the better they prepare for their examination. You can also ask them general knowledge or moral questions if you think they need improvement in these fields. For an effective result, you need to ask questions with your child and help them in revision. This will help your child prepare for examinations perfectly

4) Encourage them

You must encourage your child before and after their examination. Your positive vibes will make them confident about his preparation level during exam time, thus boosting his self-esteem and self-confidence.

5) Avoid overprotection

Like any other child, your children will also prepare for examinations. However, he must prepare himself and take exams without any pressure from you. If you’re overprotective, then they may find the preparation difficult and not prepare themselves for a competitive world

6) Have a proper timetable

As mentioned earlier, children must prepare for examinations according to the schedule given by teachers or parents according to the age group of students, which helps them prepare for their examinations properly. They learn better when they prepare themselves within the stipulated time frame given by examiners, which can be one month, two months, or even more, depending on their time availability during vacation days. This way, the child gets ample time to prepare for examinations effectively.

7) Don’t put too much pressure on your child

Parents must prepare children for examinations, but it is equally important not to put them under too much pressure because they cannot take stress very well at a young age. Children should be taught while preparing themselves for examinations that learning new things doesn’t come in one day; it needs regular practice, which makes you do better every day until the exam comes. Also, no matter how complex or easy questions are, students should prepare themselves accordingly instead of depending on their marks at the end of the preparation period.

8) Do revision on a regular basis

One of the key steps to prepare for examinations effectively is to revise as much as possible. When you train yourself according to the timetable it’s good for you, but it works as a barrier when you prepare yourself according to your timetable. So prepare regularly and prepare early to feel comfortable revising before the exam day. So teach your child to dedicate a certain amount of time every day for revision.

9) Don’t miss important dates of examination

It is essential to prepare for examinations effectively to score well, but it is also important to keep an eye on important days. It is essential for students not to miss any important date of examinations because they may lose many marks if they do not prepare themselves on time. Sometimes due to nervousness, the child might miss important dates.

10) Keep yourself active by having some fun after your studies

We sometimes get tired of preparations and want some regular rest, but don’t waste your whole year on vacations; use those days on some activities that make you active and enthusiastic about life. Missing such days will make you tired and bored. If you prepare a timetable that caters to your study and hobby activities, you will enjoy your life.

11) Develop the habit of preparing daily

A student needs to train daily. It helps them remember things better and even helps them know about what they have done! Preparations should be made well once because it saves time in the future.

12) Work your way to success

Base your studies on solid concepts, not just textbooks. Get together with the big kids and do some projects like designing an aeroplane model or preparing a quiz for younger ones. You will learn how to create questions and ask questions in examinations, preparing you mentally.

Providing the kids with an interesting curriculum is another way of helping them succeed and improve their academic performance. Orchids’ NCERT Solution is one such curriculum that can help provide a better study environment to every child. NCERT helps children develop a strong conceptual foundation, which is vital during their formative years in school. The section-wise NCERT solutions for grade 4 are available in PDF format for free download. These solutions are easy to use even when they are not connected to the internet.

13) Make friends who study well

Somehow, everyone fails to realise that animals’ company is good for humans! Meeting students who study well always helps us push our limits. They motivate you and even help you prepare things better than what you were doing by yourself.


The examination is an important way to evaluate the child’s academic performance. It also helps parents to know whether the child needs additional help or not. There are several ways the parents can prepare their child for examinations. Parents should be supportive and present during examinations. Encouragement builds good morale in the child, thus increasing their ability to prepare for exams. Follow the tips mentioned above and help your child prepare for the examination well.

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