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Road Safety for Kids

Road Safety for Kids

Road safety for children is an essential aspect of education that parents and teachers need to give them. Once children start going outside alone or with their friends, parents begin to get frightened for their children. Parents should educate their kids about traffic rules and road measures to prevent this situation. In this article, you will learn about road safety rules for kids. Here are some essential points your kid should know before going on the road.

What is Road Safety?

Road safety is the term for preventing road accidents by obeying road safety rules and regulations. The important factor in road safety is to drive cautiously so that passengers, pedestrians, and drivers stay safe.

Why is Road Safety Important?

You can protect your child from road accidents by providing knowledge about road safety. They might harm themselves by not following traffic rules and safety measures. You need to explain to them the importance of life. You can tell them the facts and show them the possibility of danger, so they will be alert while walking on the road. Explain to them the traffic rules and regulations that they need to follow.

10 Road Safety Rules on the Road for Children

Road Safety

There is some instruction for road safety and traffic awareness rules which children should know. The ten road safety measures are as follows. 

  1. Always wear a helmet while riding and sitting on a two-wheeler..
  2. Do not cross the speed limit.
  3. Always follow traffic rules.
  4. In India, we follow the right-hand drive. So, always overtake from the right side.
  5. Never use a mobile phone while driving.
  6. Always wear a seat belt.
  7. While driving, your primary focus should be on the road. Always avoid distractions.
  8. Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  9. Never drink and drive.
  10.  Always keep discipline when you are walking in a lane.

Tips for road safety

Here are some tips for road safety for kids.

  1. Always follow safety rules while crossing the road, such as looking at both sides before crossing the street.
  2. We must not talk while crossing the road.
  3. Never play on the road.
  4. Maintain a distance from vehicles while walking on a footpath from the road.
  5. Always avoid overspeeding.
  6. Cross the street under adult supervision.

Road safety for cycling

Here we will discuss some road safety rules for children while cycling.

  1. Always check the tyres, air pressure, brakes, and chain before you ride any vehicle.
  2. Do not overload anything on your vehicle.
  3. Always ride on the left side of the road.
  4. Always be alert and focused while riding.
  5. Avoid overtaking.
  6. Always follow traffic signal rules.
  7. Always follow the road signs and safety rules while crossing the road.


Every year traffic is increasing. So, kids should know the rules of crossing the road. Road safety teaches kids how to judge risks on sidewalks and streets and act safely and responsibly on their way.

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