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The Role of School in Kid’s Life

The Role of School in Kid’s Life


Schools are an integral part of our youth. Children are considered to be the future, and their growth is significant for the betterment of society. As we all know, the school has multiple roles in a child’s life.

They are not just institutions that impart education but have a variety of other roles to play. The role of school in children’s life is manifold, ranging from practically transforming their personality traits to grooming them morally.

As the educational institute has many different roles to play in childhood, so do many factors that contribute to it. The role of school in kids’ life can be characterised by various factors including curriculum, surroundings, teachers, etc. Such a role of school in kids’ lives can be divided into major categories such as the Role of school for providing knowledge and school for giving values and ethics. Role School for providing knowledge is self-explanatory, and the role of school for giving values and ethics is much more than the former.

10 essential roles of school in a child’s life 

Here is the list of 10 important roles of school in a kid’s life.

1) Role of School in Providing Knowledge

This is the most crucial factor that plays a vital role in building a good student career. The concepts must be taught with an effective teaching method that helps them not only memorise but also helps understand the subject application-wise. Such examples include mathematics formulas used while solving algebraic expressions or history facts used while understanding the historical context of the period. In this way more and more students will get attracted towards learning new things at schools rather than at home. This role of school in providing knowledge is also useful for parents who get an opportunity to get their kids introduced to the work culture and organisational structures at a tender age.

2) Role of school in Building Social Skills

The role of school in building social skills is vital as it will ensure that students develop the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and understand them better. The role of school cannot be stressed enough when it comes to building interpersonal and communication skills among kids. It not only help them find new friends and expand their social circle but also helps build close ties with teachers through class discussions, group work, etc. Usually, schools celebrate major festivals together, which also helps bring about greater cohesion among everyone involved.

3) Provides a well-structured environment

The role of school in a kid’s life cannot be overstated when imparting discipline. Schools provide the kind of well-structured environment that develops self-discipline among students. Most schools have their own set of rules and regulations, which must be strictly adhered to by every student. Students are taught to adhere to these rules at all times whether inside the campus or outside; this ensures harmony among different people.

4) Helps in personal development

The role of school in a kid’s life cannot be overstated regarding the students’ personal development. Some schools have their own set of extra-curricular activities, which help students excel in areas outside the curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities by teachers and parents alike. It helps them develop leadership qualities and establish themselves as role models among peers.

5) Provides primary education

The role of the school is vital in providing the basics needed for future generations. An environment conducive to learning must be provided at all costs so that kids get ample opportunities to acquire knowledge and grow up into responsible adults who can give back to society. Schools offer just that with well-trained teachers who impart information to their students in the most appropriate manner.

6) Helps to mold personalities of kids

Schools are not just about making kids sit down and memorise information about various fields of study. They are also places where they may learn many other things that will help them get along better with others, develop leadership qualities, take on challenges, become more confident about themselves and be able to go out into the world armed with the necessary social skills to deal with different types of people. All these attributes can be developed within school walls, so it becomes an integral part of the role of school in life.

7) Forges relations between kids

Another role that schools play in promoting relationships among different age groups so that passing on knowledge has a positive effect far beyond the classroom. The role of school in a kid’s life can be seen from this perspective because schools have information about their communities and what is happening within them, including social trends that impact the learning process.

8) Builds future citizens

The role of school in a kid’s life also becomes a role of raising responsible citizens who will take an active role in their societies going into the future. Kids learn a lot while they are still in school. That has to do with developing civic virtues such as trustworthiness, fairness, kindness, and cooperation which help them become productive members of society.

9) Encourages learning

Children spend a lot of time at school, both in class and outside of it, where they can discover things for themselves rather than having them handed to them. All kids learn differently and the role of the school encourages that through doing experiments or role-plays, asking each other questions, or playing games. This helps students develop all kinds of skills that are useful later on in life.

10) Builds social networks

The role of school also includes building up friendships between children, which will continue into their adult lives. Kids learn how to work together during important lessons or even just while playing together. This makes the role of school very important because these are the kinds of people who will help you find jobs introduce you to new friends, and the school’s role is one of the best roles of building up social networks.


The role of the school is vital in a kid’s life, and its importance is increasing more and more with each day that passes. The school ensures the child’s overall development. The role of the school is vital in a kid’s life as it encourages kids to make friends and learn how to work with others. In addition, the role of the school ensures that children are mentally and developmentally ready for the real world by learning many lessons which will benefit them later on in their adulthood.

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