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Seven Tips To Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Seven Tips To Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Concentration is the main ingredient behind every successful project. Whether it’s professional life or academics if one ain’t getting the desired results, then he isn’t concentrating. But being able to concentrate is far from being easy— it’s a quality that comes with a lot of practice and trials, something that even adults have a problem getting.

It’s even harder for children to concentrate and if at this age, they cannot do it, then they will have problems concentrating while growing up and that will sneak into their professional lives.

Why Is It Difficult for Children to Concentrate?

We all know that children are finicky and because of this, it’s difficult for them to remain focused on any task for more than a few moments. This is quite natural because of their curiosity for the world and things around them.

Haven’t you seen how your child is mostly fixated on their favorite video game or cartoon on TV for hours together, but when they are asked to sit and study or even do their homework, their attention goes bonkers?

According to experts, a child can concentrate only for only a few minutes to a maximum of one hour at a stretch: for example, a five-year-old child may be able to stay focused for 15 minutes while a ten-year-old child can stay focused for about an hour. While this is true of attentive children, children that are non-attentive find it hard to concentrate for even a short while, especially if the activity that they are working on isn’t very engaging or if they are distracted by other things.

Why Is Concentration Such An Important Subject?

There are two reasons why concentration has become such an important topic today: the education system and the busy lifestyle of children.

Let’s talk about the education system: today’s education system gives a lot of importance on improving and teaching skills that will them job-ready and concentration is not of these skills. The education cycle, whether in India or elsewhere goes through a cycle of what’s relevant for today’s children. What was relevant five years ago might not be important for today’s children and what’s relevant today will become obsolete half a decade from now. In the middle of all academic and non-academic activities, concentration has become something that no one is talking about.

Secondly, today’s children are busy and have a lot on their plates. If they are in the school for a quarter of the day, then they are occupied with non-academic activities like sports, music, dance, or other activities, due to which their days are normally packed. This leaves them with no room for concentration on a particular task.   

How You Can Help

There’s a lot you can do as parents. Children spend a major part of their life in school with over 40 other students and it’s almost impossible for a teacher to give individual attention to each child. That leaves you, the parents, to help your child improve their concentration levels. You can do this while they are at home working on assignments or studying. As you know your child better, you’ll have a better connection and help them improve concentration.

Adults like us can always improve our concentration skills with exercises or by watching videos however when it comes to children, you need to have different methods.

Here are seven tips to improve your child’s concentration.

Divide Large Tasks Into Small

When you do big tasks, you need to be disciplined, focused, and do it with concerted efforts. Children can’t do either of these as they are inherently choosy about what they like and dislike. So, it’s ideal to break a big task into smaller tasks. This could be for anything—homework, studies, or even learning new skills.

When children do small projects, they can finish it fast as they can focus better. It also gives them a feeling of progress.

  • Remove Distractions

So long as children are engaged in things they like, they will not get distracted. In order to have them ensure that they don’t get distracted, you must keep their surroundings as distraction-free as possible. Shut the windows if it’s letting in noises, close the doors if it lets your child get out to see people and vehicles. If you need to talk on the phone, go out of the house.

  • Screen Break

Today’s children are mostly into phones and TVs and spend a good amount of time on these devices. It’s not a good thing to keep the TV on while they are working on their assignments as these take away their attention.

  • Make Them Write An Assignment At The Same Hour

In order to ensure that your child makes something into a habit, make a rule for them to do something at the same hour every day. For example, tell them to sleep at the same time every day and it will eventually become a habit. You can do this with other activities so that it makes them concentrate on that activity.

  • Give Daily Responsibilities

Give your child daily responsibilities that will improve their attention. Simple activities like telling them to chop vegetables, peel an orange or banana, applying butter or jam on bread, sorting the cupboard or drawer are some of the best ways to keep them engaged and improve their attention and concentration. You can change the activities depending on your child’s age. however, you must remember to change the tasks as often as possible to ensure that they don’ t lose interest.

  • Appreciate Their Efforts and Reward Them

In order to improve concentration in children, they must be motivated to do a task. To achieve this you must give them a task that they can enjoy and accomplish. This will motivate them to stay focused and perform better. When you see your child doing better than before, reward them with a nice and useful gift.

  • Plentiful Rest

Ensure your child gets plentiful sleep during nights and when time permits during the day. This will not just refresh them, but also give them the needed boost to concentrate on a task.

There are other things you can do such as setting time for completing a goal, letting them play a game where focusing is important, giving a break before starting another activity and so on.

It can be an eventful time for you to make your child concentrate on a task in hand. Lack of concentration can cause problems not just in academics but also in professional life. You need to be patient and keep motivating your child to do better.

At Orchids The International School, we keep our students engaged in both academic and non-academic activities to improve their concentration. All our teachers are trained in concentration improving best practices so that our students can emerge on top of the world.