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11 Learning Methods to Have a Great Learning Experience!


Mautushi Paul





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What is Learning?

Learning is a process that begins by taking in new information from outside, or coming up with it on our own by introspection. We then make sense out of this information. This learning could be academic or based on our personal experiences and daily observations from the environment that surrounds us. Learning is one of the biggest aspects of life. And to choose an appropriate learning method is crucial in making the process successful. 

Learning is a vital part of every student’s life. You’ll be surprised at just how much information is out there that will help you learn! However, the burning question that every student goes through at some point in their learning path is how to learn fast? We all have the ability to be lifelong learners, but there are some things that we can do in order to make it easier for us to learn. Taking these steps will help us get more out of our learning experience!

11 Learning Methods to Help You Learn Faster 

Always Make Notes Using Pen and Paper

Writing things down will help you remember them better. Only reading won’t  work. Make summaries or try to paraphrase the content in your own words.

Practice Makes Perfect

This old saying couldn’t be more true when implemented in real life. Practicing all subjects at regular intervals will help you remember facts and theories easier.

Read More Than One Book on the Same Subject

This learning method works wonders! It is important to read a variety of different perspectives in order to fully grasp the concept they are trying to teach. Relying on only one book might not fetch you the clearest picture of the topic at hand.

It is important to read a variety of different perspectives in order to make sure you are not missing out on anything. This could be by doing some research or even taking notes as you go through each chapter, so that when you finish with one book, you can refer back. 

Set Your Learning Goals and Stick to Them!

Always have a plan! Planning not only for your exams but also for your long-term goals is essential. If you want to learn about one topic, make sure that you allocate some time for it each day and do not procrastinate!

Give Yourself a Break

We all need time off from our studies in order to stay motivated and energized. So give yourself a little breathing room now and then. Studying or reading for prolonged hours can lead to burnout, so take breaks and pace yourself!

Don’t Overdo It

As mentioned before, it is important not to overdo it. We know how tempting it can be when you have an exam coming up or are really interested in a topic but don’t get so involved in it that it doesn’t leave you time to relax your body and mind! 

Distribute Your Timing

Learning methods don’t just involve a schedule or a routine that you can follow to help you learn faster. It’s equally important to distribute your time for each subject as and when required. Don’t just focus on one subject for an hour. Take a break, have some water and then come back to it later. This will help you learn more because your mind won’t get overworked!

Avoid Distractions 

If you are trying to study or do work, make sure that the television is off and that there aren’t any other factors such as social media or loud noises causing disturbance to you. 

Internal distractions can also hinder your learning method. It is always better to perform a few breathing exercises for a few minutes before sitting to study. This can help you concentrate better and in turn enhance your learning. 

Keep a Journal of Progress 

As mentioned earlier, set your learning goals and keep track of your achievements. This is one learning method that prevents you from forgetting all the material that you are yet to learn because you can always refer to your checklist.

Try a Mnemonic Tool

Ever wondered how you can remember the lyrics of your favourite songs by heart but cannot remember history facts and the periodic table? This is a memory tool that helps you to remember what you’re learning. Turn your learning method into a rhyme, a code, a song or anything that helps you retain information! 

Keep Track of Your Grades

It’s important to make sure that the work and time spent on your studies are worth it, by seeing how well they are doing with their grades. This helps you analyze the areas which require more effort and also to point out where you have improved! 


Educating yourself is important. Knowing how to educate yourself and learn efficiently are even more so, especially in a world that’s constantly evolving at an increasing rate. The key to learning faster and improving your results lies in understanding the science of what makes us tick as humans. 

Understanding our brain waves, or why we procrastinate when it comes to doing homework, will help you improve your skill set for decades into the future—no matter what career path you choose! These learning methods will help you achieve your goals in time and better your overall learning experience, be it academic or personal. 

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