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Teaching 6 Good Table Manners for Kids

Teaching 6 Good Table Manners for Kids


A child’s brain is as fertile as farmland. You have to cultivate it to the best of your ability. They learn new things every day. Try to incorporate good values into their learning like table manners. This is one such thing that we often ignore or do not think is important. But, if you want your child to be brought up as a global citizen, this is the most significant manner he should acquire. Child psychologists have also pointed out that table manners for kids are vital for their overall growth and development. It decides how tidy and organized your child is going to be. But before teaching them these manners, you must have a detailed understanding. So, start from the beginning.

What is Table Manners and Etiquette?

Every place in this world has a different code of conduct. A dining table is no different. They must have a vivid idea about everything, starting from the manner of eating to the manner of arranging tissues. Though the dining table seems like a place where we eat, it is more than that. The question of basic hygiene is intricately related to that place.

These table manners originated in Greece. They documented all the must-followed rules of the dining tables. After that, every western country followed them and it flowed to the eastern countries as well. There is no certain rulebook for table manners for kids. Adults teach them to follow what they have learned all these years. Initially, the royals followed a decorated rule for the dining tables. But with the change in time, people of different continents follow their set of rules. In India, these are just some basic table manners like how to hold the fork and the spoon, how to control them together, etc. Most people still find these rules baseless and insignificant. Let us find out why these table manners are important.

Why Are Table Manners Important?

Having a mouth-licking and a belly full of food is a matter of peace. Everyone deserves to have a satisfactory meal every day. But, is this possible with a messy eating habit?

You need to know the distance between the chair and the table. You should also know why and when to use the spoons and the forks. Children take time to grasp detailed knowledge about these things. If you give time and effort, they learn very quickly. Therefore, pay enough attention to every tiny detail. Otherwise, you will face embarrassment for a lack of good table manners in your kid. Let us explain this with a usual example.

Suppose your kid is having chow mein in front of four other people, and he does not know how to hold the fork and knife. The process of eating will be inevitably messy. He will end up making his clothes stained. You must teach table manners to your little ones to keep them organized in every path of life.

List of Good Table Manners

List of Table Manner

1. Do Not Stuff Your Mouth With Food

Avoid stuffing your mouth with food. It appears to be bad conduct. You cannot speak when your mouth is full. Some particles of food may come out when you try to speak. Excessive food can choke your throat as well.

2. Proper Usage of Napkins & Utensils

One of the most remarkable table manners is the proper usage of napkins and utensils. The napkin is there to save you from staining your clothes. So, flap it on your lap and start eating. These are the basics of eating manners. Knowing the proper usage of utensils will help you make no sound while eating.

3. Maintain Decorum

Try to stay polite while eating. Take enough time to chew and gulp the food properly. Otherwise, it can get stuck in your throat and create big trouble. Being polite and concentrating on food is one of the dining table manners.

4. Never Criticize the Food

Kids often start complaining if they do not like something. Criticizing the food is one of them. How not to express a negative attitude about food should be included in the table etiquette for kids. Teach them with real-life and relatable examples. Once they understand how bad it feels to be criticized, they will stop doing it.

5. Offer to Help 

Teach them to offer help if they can. Besides maintaining plate manners, they should assist people who cannot reach out to the serving bowls. Teach them to read the hint and offer assistance.

6. Ask to Be Excused

It is very natural to make mistakes. Often children feel distressed about little errors. Teach them that table etiquette allows them to ask to be excused.


Being a parent of an infant is never an easy task. You must know all the table manners for kids and successfully teach them. Teaching something new to your kid is challenging indeed. But, once you incorporate it into their daily routine, you easily grasp it. So, start from small and try to teach every tiny bit gradually.

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