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10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s English Grammar

10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s English Grammar


“Home is the first school of a child.” It is where a toddler learns to blabber words and then eventually speaks out his/her first word. We learn our first language quite naturally. When we learn our mother language, did our parents or our grandparents sit us down as toddlers and teach us the grammar rules of our language? Of course not. It was through the process of immersion in the language.

But the question which lies ahead is, can we learn a second language the way we acquired the first, or do we need to know the grammar? Yes, why not? Yes I know, it is not that easy to motivate children to learn grammar. You can’t make them sit and explain rules to them because kids are different from adults. You must keep in mind many exceptions, obscure limitations, and intricacies while teaching English grammar to kiddos. So, the memorization-based technique has started to become obscure. Therefore, the mode of instruction while teaching English grammar to them has to be exciting and fun.

Parents today wonder how to make grammar fun for kids? No need to worry. Continue scrolling down to read this blog post to learn more about English grammar for children and how teaching English grammar can be fun and exciting.

Literacy class activity

Why is teaching Grammar important?

Grammar is the backbone of any language and teaching English grammar is now that easy. To be fluent and correct in a particular language, the role of grammar is irreplaceable. We may learn a few words haphazardly through listening. Without the proper knowledge of grammar, it is incoherent and often misleading. So to express yourself, grammar is important as using wrong grammar can hinder relationship building. Having a thorough knowledge of grammar helps a child develop writing and language skills at a faster rate. 

And in the long run, it may also help them to be better communicators. When you are confident of the language you are speaking, that reflects in your personality. Many employers value good grammar skills in an employee, and your resume or application is the first thing they take note of.

Tips to improve your child’s English Grammar

Interacting Session

A child learns most of the words through listening. When they are young, their brain can pick whatever they learn and it is through their surroundings they learn to talk. with them in that particular language helps them to learn it efficiently. And when they make a mistake, correct it gently and have them repeat the correct sentence.

Encourage Reading

Reading has a variety of benefits. It helps in the expansion of vocabulary, knowledge, helps to focus and concentrate, and builds writing skills as well as strengthens analytical thinking skills. If you want your child to extract the benefit of reading, ask them to read slowly and carefully. When they read slowly, they notice the punctuations, verbs, and tenses used, the rules of grammar, and how an argument is made.

Brush off your preferences and get them something to choose on their own as their first read. If you give them something out of the blue, no matter how beneficial the book is, maybe you can’t get their interest in it. 

Motivate them Constantly

Irrespective of what you teach your kids, you need to constantly motivate them to learn grammar. So you need to teach them things that are clear and understandable. Younger children easily understand things when taught via diagrams and images; hence when teaching English grammar, try to guide them through sentence diagrams. Ask kids to share what they are learning with adults. Once they do this, they will get motivated by thinking that they have taught something to adults which they already didn’t know.

Talk with your kids

If your English vocabulary is good, then try speaking to your kids. Even short phrases such as “I love you” or instructions like “come here” or “sit down” are great to start with. Teaching such frequent English words will help your kids learn all the more quickly.

Play Grammar games are the best way of teaching grammar

Today’s children are hard to get under control and making them sit at a particular spot requires a lot of struggle. Unless you make it fun, they won’t be willing to cooperate. 

Sentence building game

Frame some easy sentences and after making different chits, write separate words on every chit and get them to rearrange it forming a sentence.

Spot the mistake.

Set aside a paragraph with small errors. These paragraphs should have errors in spelling (for eg: there instead of their) or using past tense instead of present tense, and then hand over a red pen to your child. He/ She will like the role reversal.

Use Sentence Diagrams

Using sentence diagrams is a fantastic way to get kids engaged in what they are learning. Creating sentence diagrams is more or less the same as solving a puzzle. While solving such sentence diagrams, your kids act as vocabulary detectives and figure out how the words in a sentence function.

Using Personalized Examples is the key

You should try to bond with kids with a few personalized examples. If you know what you are teaching English grammar, you can teach them with the help of criteria that you understand. You try to feature them in your real examples, and they will remember these examples and use them accordingly.


Get a picture book describing a story through images and ask your child to narrate the story. In this way, it will help him build confidence while speaking and you can also notice what are the common mistakes that your child made so you can rectify them.


It does not matter if your child begins to make mistakes or starts speaking with proper grammar immediately. A child’s brain needs to undergo a decoding process and understand a language while you are up to teaching English grammar. Starting correct speaking grammar often starts after thinking, analyzing, and understanding the concepts. Grammar is essential because it makes the reader understand the framework of the language. By following these steps, you can ensure that your kid does not make any grammatical mistakes in the future.

Happy Teaching!

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