Why Is The International School Curriculum Gaining Popularity?
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Why Is The International School Curriculum Gaining Popularity?

Why Is The International School Curriculum Gaining Popularity?

Selecting the right school for your child is a crucial decision. There are several factors that parents look out for before admissions in schools. Location, ways to commute, parent’s review, academics, co-curricular activities, and opportunities provided for holistic development are factors that one pays attention to. However, amidst all of these aspects, the curriculum’s choice is a significant factor that can influence the decision while choosing a school for the child. Although there is a long list of international schools in India and a plethora of schools with the Indian curriculum, it is essential to be well versed with the benefits of taking admission to an international school. 

It is required these days to be fully aware of the distinct educational approaches. As the international curricula such as the IB (international baccalaureate) and Cambridge IGCSE are gaining enormous relevance than ever, there are some of the facts that need to be addressed when going for this curriculum.

An International School Curriculum Aids With Competitive Examinations

Students nowadays are career-oriented from a very early age. They are decisive of their actions and keep themselves aware and updated on every opportunity provided to them. They are ambitious and hard-working to develop skills that help them crack competitive exams like CET, COMED-K, AIEEE, IIT, and so on. An international school’s syllabus provides an in-depth understanding of subjects and problem-solving skills needed to crack such exams. 

The curriculum is inclusive of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to help them prepare for such competitive exams. They provide rigorous training in academics towards a holistic approach. They work towards strengthening the inherent talents and interests of a child that gives them the right direction to follow the career path—a wide array of options that are explored by schools with an international curriculum. Students can turn to photography, fine arts, entrepreneurship, humanities, law, engineering, and medSuccess.

The international school syllabus helps the students in acquiring perfect interests and a combination of subjects. They help in discovering their passions, limitations, and strengths from an early stage. Finding the right talents and honing the skills bring the students a deep sense of accomplishment and success, and happiness.

The curriculum offers a wide array of subject choices that differ from universities and countries the student wants to apply. A student guidance counselor helps the child select appropriate subjects so that your child can be specific in his choices and be self-sufficient to lead towards his goal.  

The schools who follow an international curriculum helps the students in planning and prioritizing the subject preferences. They guide the students for the university placement and prepare them to apply for admissions and scholarships at prestigious colleges and majors of their choice.

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The International School Examination Schedule With The Competitive Exam Schedule

The schedule of the final term examinations of an international school follows the same time frame as the other school boards. The exams are hosted in March and April, and the results are declared in May when the admissions process starts in colleges. 

A Student Who Has Passed Out Of An International School Ace During Job Interviews

The international curriculum of a school allows the students to enhance their personality and hone their skills. They work on the student’s character by providing them with values and wisdom, and practical knowledge that helps them conquer a real-world challenge. The academic in such schools is much more than grades and certifications. The approach is about teaching confidence, an innate awareness of strengths, and a clear goal that makes them clear-sighted about what they have to offer to a specific position in a company. Knowing these skills and values at such a young age is a massive determinant of long term success.

The Intensity Of An International Curriculum As Compared To Other Boards

Comparing an international curriculum with other boards can be quite challenging. They both work towards providing education in the best interest but have distinct approaches. Talking about the Indian curriculum is thorough, in-depth, enhance knowledge, and is tough academically. On the other hand, the international school syllabus is more tilted towards practical knowledge and problem-solving skills. It is more about the common challenges faced in general.

Meanwhile, we should also keep in mind that every child is unique, and so are his choices; each student can react and respond differently to these curricula. But when we talk about the international curriculum’s practical approach, it is legit in honoring these differences that can arise and confuse a student. With a wide array of choices, students can choose their goals and pace accordingly on their career path. All in all, the international school syllabus is not more challenging, but it just requires values like discipline, time-management, commitment, confidence, and independent thinking to step head. But as we said earlier, it’s your child and his understanding that matter the most while choosing such alternatives.

The International School Curriculum Is Not Only For NRIs And Foreign Nationals

The world is advancing at a fast pace, and so is the generation. Millennials and Gen Z are the perfect instances of the advancements that took place in a few years. An international curriculum is accepted and recognized globally, and wth such reference, it put the students ahead in the competitions. Developing practical skills, values to connect with people across the boundaries, leadership skills, innovations from an early age, such initiatives are bound to put students ahead in the competitive world. Every child deserves such a great opportunity, and hence everyone is invited to benefit by studying an international curriculum.


The Content Of International Curricula Is Different From The Indian Ones

The approach of both these curricula is comprehensive and different, but the goal is to impart the same knowledge and make students capable in the world. Talking about the international school syllabus, the approach is leaned towards providing practical experience by involving the students in more hands-on activities, outdoor activities, interaction with experts, exploratory activities, etc. Students studying at an Indian Curriculum school are as proficient as the ones looking in international curriculum schools. 

Education is all about providing a child’s holistic development to face the challenges that life throws at them later on. It depends on the child what he wants to choose regarding his goals and career. His every step towards gaining an education is sure to make him capable of acquiring success. You can also choose from an extensive list of international schools in India if they want admission to schools with a unique approach towards education.

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