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Top 10 Musical Instruments for Kids with Names

Top 10 Musical Instruments for Kids with Names

“Music can change the world.” With this one strong belief, Beethoven created magic with music that has been enchanting the world even today. Music can turn the impossible into the possible. Introduce this magical tool to your children and watch them infuse positivity into their lives and the world around them. Experts assert that music is a powerful instrument to deal with negativity. People closely related to music tend to develop fewer mental health issues than others. 

In this complicated world, music can set your child’s mind free. They learn to perceive the world in their own sweet way and indulge in less negativity. There are some renowned musical instruments for kids. Help your kids to pick up an instrument of their choice and encourage them to add more feathers to their crown day by day. 

What Is a Musical Instrument?

Like every Tom needs a Jerry or every Mr. Bean needs their teddy, every song needs a supporting instrument to put life into it. In a nutshell, musical instruments are specially made machinery that produces tunes to add beauty to a song. You don’t need all the musical instruments to complete a song. Sometimes, musical instruments and songs have two different identities. They do not depend on each other and create their own beauty independently. 

There are different musical instruments, and they serve different purposes. Some instruments produce melodious tunes, and some are made to induce somber tunes. Understand your children’s behavior patterns and you will very quickly understand what kind of music they will like. Delve deeper to learn some musical instruments’ names and their details. 

List of Music Instruments for Kids with Their Names and Origins

There is no such instrument made just for kids. All types of musical instruments are accessible to kids. It strictly depends on their choice and confidence in which one they will eagerly choose. Let us know all the musical instruments for kids:

Piano Musical Instrument


Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy was the pioneer of the piano. He alone set up the entire composition of the piano. The instrument has evolved with time. Size and design have taken a lot of molds, and now we see today’s piano. Earlier, it resembled a harpsichord and required only a wooden box and some keys. You will be pretty astonished to know that the earlier name of the instrument was “arpi cimbalo del piano e’ forte.” Had a hard time pronouncing this? Let us give you another unique piece of information that the Cristofori solved many such technical problems with this music equipment that kept confusing technicians for the next 70 years. 

Violin Musical Instrument

The violin came directly from carrying the scent of the Arabian sea. Find it strange? The violin is the predecessor of the ancient Arabian instrument, the Rebec or Rabab. It was widely played in Spain and France. A bowed stringed instrument that originated in Europe is now familiar to us as the violin. As Italy has been the home of many playing instruments, the violin is no exception. The makers of this instrument are two great Italian musicians named Andre Amati from Cremona and Gasparo di Bartolotti from Salon. The soft tune of the violin has been enticing everyone since its birth moment. 

Flute for Kids

The flute has been one of the most ancient instruments as it has been around since the 18th century B.C. But, later on, it changed its appearance and transformed into today’s flute. A great Munich musician, Theobald Boehm, has made significant contributions to the design and mechanism of the flute. If you engage your child in learning different musical instruments, they will discover the distinctiveness of the flute. Instruments with strings and keys do not need a breathing exercises. The kind of emotions that one needs to involve in a flute is incomparable. Therefore, Yoko Ono, the great Japanese performing artist, said, “A stick becomes a flute when it is loved.”


Boy Playing Guitar

The ancestor of the guitar, Guitarra Latina, originated in Spain in the late 16th century. This fancy instrument has gone through several changes over the decades. Whenever you take all instruments’ names, the guitar is a must-taken name. This is one of the easiest instruments to learn. So, parents often encourage their children to learn this. After all, who does not want to listen to some masterpieces by Elvis Presley or John Denver?


After their origin in the Neolithic age, Drums earned popularity across the world. Research says that the instrument was popularly known as the Chinese instrument. Later, it started gaining popularity across Asia and then the world. Drums are ideal tools to activate kids’ minds. 


While you are considering musical instruments for kids, xylophones can be a wise choice as it is easy to learn. Derived from European folk culture, this instrument has come a long way. Your kid can master the art of this instrument with a little understanding of music. 


A trumpet is a royal instrument from the 16th century as all royal announcements used to start with it. This is not a modern musical instrument. But, like every other instrument, it has its own perks. 


You must have heard of the ukulele as a modern parent. The instrument has some specific characteristics, though it’s been considered a smaller version of a guitar. Your child finds it convenient for its size. 


A traditional instrument also known as the mouth organ, the harmonica is an 1100 B.C. Chinese instrument. If your child loves to play the tune of country music, introduce harmonica to them. 



The tabla is an instrument that is the soul of Indian classical music. So, if you want your child to sing ragas at their loudest pitch, introduce them to tabla first. 

Not all musical instruments for kids are easy to learn. But kids are born with extreme potential. Let them break free from their shackles of fear and introduce a new instrument to them. They will find a new world of their own!

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