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Top 100 Wild Animals List in English

Top 100 Wild Animals List in English

Definition of Wild Animals

Wild animals are predators who live an undomesticated life in an unrestricted natural environment. They are usually more violent when compared to other animals such as domestic animals, pet animals, etc. They search or hunt for food and water on their own. Wild animals are found in natural habitats such as forests, seas, trees, mountains, fields, etc. Habitats means the environment or place where animals and plants live and grow.

List of Wild Animals

ChipmunkJackalHareAlligatorMonitor Lizard
African ElephantAlpine GoatComodo DragonFlying SquirrelEmu
Asiatic LionArmadilloBaboonBatGiant Panda
ChihuahuaHawkIguanaKing CobraJellyfish
SealSkinkBull sharkArctic wolfBobcat
Guinea pigMoosePumaSquirrel MonkeyCaracal
GiraffeMonkeyWild boarHippopotamusCrocodile
PandaPorcupineKoala bearOtterHedgehog
PangolinWild catCoyoteAardvarkAntelope
Bearded DragonRoyal Bengal TigerEagleEelBeaver
Emperor PenguinChameleonBullOrangutanChinchillas

Difference Between Wild Animals and Domestic Animals

Difference between Wild animal and Domestic animal

  • Domestic animals are genetically conditioned to grow alongside humans, however, wild animals follow their instincts and usually don’t tolerate human presence.
  • Wild animals are more aggressive as compared to Domestic animals.
  • Unlike domestic animals, wild animals have to hunt and expose themselves to dangerous predators.
  • Domestic animals have been selected and bred for many generations to fulfill the desire or requirements of the human lifestyle, whereas wild animals adopt a natural survival instinct and follow the law of nature or forest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Domestic Animals?

SolutionsAnimal of any species that has been selected and trained over generations to live alongside humans.

2. What is the National Animal of India?

Solutions: The National Animal of India is Royal Bengal Tiger. It was officially announced as the national animal of India in April 1973.

3. Which Is the Fastest Animal in the World?

Solutions: Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

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