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Top 5 Sudha Murthy Books for Kids


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If Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi grew up reading the same stories, would we have the same world order? Mostly not. A good story inspires a person the same way as it does to an entire civilization — It is fascinating how this happens yet, it has been like this from… perhaps, forever. 

With growing kids, many of us may want to tell stories with timeless values. Talking about stories for kids, we ought to talk about Mrs. Sudha Murthy’s books for kids.  Fondly tagged, India’s favourite storyteller, her books are full of simple stories with enchanting narratives.  

Plenty of awards including the Padma Shri have perhaps earned more respect because Mrs. Sudha Murthy has been a recipient. The chairperson of Infosys Foundation, we may well write a few books about her contribution to the society and her various ventures. 

For now, let’s discuss a few of Mrs. Sudha Murthy’s books for students picked from over 40 of her best-sellers.

Top  5 Sudha Murthy Books for Kids 

1. How I Taught My Grandmother to Read 

How I taught my grandmother to read body image

A grandmother’s decision to learn how to read and the granddaughter’s thoughtfulness through this process sets up this heart-touching narrative. 

Krishtakka is an elderly lady from a village in North Karnataka. She is awed by the serial Kashi Yatra  in Karmaveera, a local, weekly magazine. She was used to having it read by her granddaughter, the then 12 year old Sudha Murthy.

Once it so happened that, Sudha Murthy was to attend a wedding and was not in town for a week. When that week’s magazine reached Krishtakka, she was left helpless and utterly disappointed that she could not read it by herself.

She now vows to learn how to read by the next Saraswati Puja (Dussehra) (is saraswati puja for dussehra). With her stellar resolve and the support of her gregarious granddaughter, she makes it happen. 

On the day of Saraswati Puja, Sudha Murthy gifts Krishtakka the novel of Kashi Yatra. Krishtakka reads the title aloud much to the mutual jubilation. In a spirit of gratitude, Krishtakka touches her granddaughter, Sudha Murthy’s feet and calls her the Guru. 

Desire moves mountains, doesn’t it? 

This book can be invaluable for your kids and just about anybody for that matter— sows the belief that with a burning desire and definitive action, anything is possible.

2. How the Earth Got its Beauty

How the earth got its beauty body image

Sometimes, even the most educated of us might not know simple things about the very planet that we live on.  For example, do you know how the deep oceans and the gigantic mountains came into existence? 

This story has Mother Nature transforming into Devi, a 10 year old girl and playing around with a group of kids. As the story evolves, kids reading this book explore the wonders of our planet while being rooted to human nature.

With vivid pictures and lucid writing, this is yet another classic in Sudha Murthy children’s books.

3. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home 

How do you feel when you lay on a cosy rug on a cold winter night? This book is full of such warmth. When little Gopi, the dog enters his new home, just about everything is an adventure for him. 

Simple pleasures of a day-to-day life are brought out in exquisite simplicity. More endearingly,  the characters in the book are based on the illustrious Mr. Naryana Murthy and Mrs. Sudha Murthy themselves. 

The artistry in vivid pictures across the book makes the reading even more enjoyable. One has to admit, Mrs. Murthy is an artist in arresting the reader’s affection. 

4. The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love

When kids are growing fast, life is so delightfully eventful, isn’t it? 

This second book in The Gopi Diaries Series, Finding Love brings about the story of Gopi, the dog, now a year older, full of enthusiastic revelry and mischief. 

Gopi’s world, just like a child, is full of energy and exploration. The antics he is upto, his friendships and his growing awareness about life around him is captured in this book in deft delight.  

5. The Magic of the Lost Temple 

Do you recollect memories from your village/ visit to a village? Whether you do or not, this book evokes goosebumps to all those who can find beauty in honest expressions and vibrant imagination. 

Read this with your kids to discover the native beauty and the simple pleasures of village life. 

The book encourages children to appreciate the beauty of relationships, acceptance and imagination.

When little Nooni visits her village for the first time, she finds herself in an adventure of a lifetime. How she ventures through the mystery of a celestial stepwell is the central plot of this story. 

Storytelling and Public Speaking at Orchids The International School

Public speaking at orchids international school, India

We’ve discussed the power of storytelling and how it influences us, thereby the world we live in. In the course of this conversation about Mrs. Sudha Murthy’s books for kids, did you recollect any of your favourite stories? Let us hope you did. 

By the way, do you think a story has much more impact when told by a fine storyteller? Think about the simple stories that were told to you in powerful ways. Such storytelling does influence society in so many ways.

Would you like your child to be able to tell such powerful stories that influence our society? At Orchids, we lay emphatic emphasis on nurturing the Public Speaking skills of our students. As our kids get ready to influence the society, they better tell good stories!

Feel free to connect with us to discuss schooling and the fun we have doing that at all of our campuses across India.

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