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Try out these top 6 creative activities for preschoolers!

Try out these top 6 creative activities for preschoolers!

Children are born creative. We all know that. Give any three or four-year-old some paint, an empty room, and leave him for a minute. You would be surprised at all the modern art adorning the walls in less than 15 minutes. However, these pint-sized cuties need a little guidance to channel all that creativity into something productive, and that’s when we, step in. Creative development in preschoolers is all about nurturing their strange imagination and promoting essential social, mental, and physical development skills. Well, does that sound too complicated? Fear not!

We know in 2020, many schools closed and kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 situation, for months on end. Finding new, creative, and preschool activity ideas at home are not only challenging but also seems downright impossible. On top of that, some of you would be juggling working from home with caring for your children. Although a search for” art activities on Pinterest and Google will give you thousands of results for fancy arts and crafts projects. We have put together a list of new creative activities for preschoolers that are as easy as making them eat chocolates or cookies and are sure to boost their creative genius too.

Super easy and fun creative activities for Kids!

It’s better to be lined up with creative movement activities for your preschoolers

As any mother would know, it is hard to keep our little ones occupied for a long time. Children usually have a notoriously small attention span, making it difficult for us to breathe in peace. So, why not have some engaging and creative activities lined up for preschoolers so that we as parents can crave some time to ourselves and equally improve our children’s creativity development at the same time? So let’ ss start!

  • Paper Plate Instruments
tambourines out of paper plates


With just a few paper plates, dried beans, stapler, markers, glitter, glue, stickers, and other embellishments, teaching how to make tambourines and other musical instruments to our tiny tots is super fun! And what excites most of the parents like us is that: It can be made from basic materials. Our children would enjoy the musical instrument crafted from their own artistic hands! So, if you are in search of any creative activities for your preschoolers, this is it! 

  • Tearing and pasting- the most favorite creative activity for pre-schoolers

Our children just love tearing papers! Even though it’s annoying for all of us. We are left with no other options to keep them occupied while doing the household chores. So it’s not a bad idea to put this not-so-exciting hobby of theirs to some fair use. On days they really feel the itch to tear some paper, we should surprise them with tissue papers of different colours to tear. Offer them some glue and a sheet of paper with some object drawn on it. Now ask them to paste those torn pieces onto that object using their imagination and creativity. For example, if we draw a giant apple with a leaf on top, we need to give our munchkin one red and one green coloured tissue paper for him to tear and paste in the picture.

Besides being extremely satisfying and fun for them, these tearing and pasting activities are a great way by which we can help them develop their fine motor skills too.

  • Waxed paper art
a girl is sticking waxed paper art on the door


Does your child love to colour? Well, it ‘ss the same for all of us. Be it on paper, books, or even on walls, they just” “LOV” to doodle with colours! But wait! Instead of offering them the same old drawing books and crayons, what if we break the monotony by offering them waxed paper art? Rarely are kids presented with chances to draw on alternative sources such as wax paper that offer totally different results from colouring than on regular paper. If any of our toddler-aged children love to cut out shapes, then we can give them pencils and crayons to decorate the shapes to their heart’s content.

As they watch nearby, we can carefully iron the art to create a seamless melding of bright, cheery colours and can hang up in our child’s room or elsewhere. To do these fantastic art and craft activities for preschoolers, all we need is iron(only for us), wax paper, pencils, sharpener, scissors, crayons, and string. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get arts with our little cuties.

  • Making of Slime-the most satisfying creative activities for many of the preschoolers
a girl playing with slime


While there are several recipes out there, this is the most favorite recipe for preschoolers. It requires three ingredients: glue, contact lens solution, and baking soda. That ‘ss it! To make slime, all we need to do is mix one 6-ounce bottle of glue with ½ teaspoon baking soda and 4 – 5 tablespoons of contact lens solution. We will then mix a spoon or popsicle stick to stir the slime until it starts to thicken. Once it forms into a blob, we will use our hands to mix and knead it. The slime will eventually harden to the point where it moves as one unit. For additional fun, we can add in food coloring or glitter.

  • Create a box full of Happiness

It’s normal for children to feel stressed out as they are stuck at home for several months due to such lockdown. But hey, hold on! A happiness box is a great resource and is sure to ease out their stress, anxiety, or fear. Decorating an old shoebox with bright colours, smiley faces, suns, and other happy things will do wonders. After completing the decoration outside, we can fill the box with things that make our child happy. Be it their favourite book, a photo that would make them smile, their favourite jokes, pieces of candy, or a letter from a loved one- we can plan it all!

  • Treasure out of the trash

We all want our tots to get creative and use their imagination. And to encourage them, the best we can do is to ask them to make a pile of unused items at home that are waiting to be headed for the trash. It can be anything: broken appliances, empty bottles, or even wrappers. We just have to tell them to invent something new and creative with those pieces within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is over, we can just let them explain their new invention and give it a name. 

These are a few of the most creative preschool activity ideas that are engaging and are sure to boost up our tot’s energy every day. What’s essential for us is giving them the required space and time to be creative and let them take the lead. Whether it’s gloomy, or a bright sunny morning, we can choose any one of these simple art activities for our preschoolers at any point in time. All we need to remember is that creative activities are not just airy-fairy feel-good things – they help our child develop intellectually, physically and socially. So, it’s better to loiter around the garden or park rather than just being confined or restricted to the home. Does your little one show interest in craft activities? Bingo! Get him craft kits and see how he enjoys it.

The activities in the craft kits will not only help your child nurture his talents but will also help him engage for a long time. And if you feel these ideas are not sufficient for your tot and are looking for a box full of activities that will not just keep your little one busy but also will provide hours of learning through fun and play, then check out more creative DIY activities. There are several options to choose from…and you have got so much time! After all, no den is too big or small.

So, keep learning! Keep engaging! 

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