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Traffic Signs and Traffic Rules for Kids


Prakriti Dhodare




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Nowadays, traffic has become a significant problem for metropolitan areas. However, every situation has a solution. Did you know, in December 1868, Parliament Square in London first introduced traffic lights to reduce traffic? It has been proven a good idea to reduce traffic and is followed by every country except Bhutan’s capital city (Thimpu). Your kid might have questions about traffic signs and traffic rules for kids. This article will teach kids about traffic signals and will excitingly give traffic signal information.

What is Traffic Signal?

Traffic lights usually contain three signals transmitting meaningful information to drivers and riders through colours and symbols, including arrows and bicycles. The standard traffic light colours are Red, Yellow, and Green arranged vertically or horizontally in that order. Even though this is a standard worldwide, national and local laws and traffic light sequences can differ.

How do Traffic Lights Work?

Most standard traffic lights work on uncomplicated timers. It also depends on the traffic at an intersection; the traffic light will change between green, yellow, and red at regular intervals to ensure traffic keeps moving in all directions.  

How to Identify Different Traffic Signals?

Every ordinary man needs to follow some rules in traffic signals. Here we will discuss the traffic signal rules for kids to understand easily.

Colours of Traffic Signal Lights

There are mainly three colours in traffic lights.

  • Red Light – If the traffic signal is flashing red light, that straight means “To stop the Traffic”. When a signal turns red, signal rules provide the right of way to pedestrians and vehicles coming from other directions.
  • Green Light – If the traffic signal flashes green light, that tends to “Go on”. The signal light “GREEN” sets you to go but be careful while at the start of the move. Check first whether vehicles from other directions have cleared the road. Suppose you want to turn left or right; check the signal to see whether it allows it separately.
  • Yellow Light – The YELLOW light indicates to clear the road when the signal changes from green to red. If, by mistake, you get caught in the yellow signal in the middle of a large road crossing, continue with care and do not accelerate in panic.

Here you can easily understand traffic lights with the help of traffic signal images.

Traffic Lights

If you want to teach your child about this concept, there is an exciting way you can prefer to make them understand and remember it for a long time. You can ask your child to draw paintings and drawings. It might be an easy way of learning about traffic signals for kids, with some traffic signal activity for kids. Find some references to traffic signal drawing to make your search easy.

Traffic Signal Drawing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Invented the Traffic Signal?

Answer: In 1912, a policeman named Lester Wire developed the first electric traffic light in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later in 1920, the first four-way, a three-colour traffic light, was created by police officer William Potts in Detroit, Michigan.

2. What is Traffic?

Answer: The movement of people, public and private vehicles, from one place to another is known as “traffic.”

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