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Big Question: Which Comics Are Better? Marvel Or DC?

Big Question: Which Comics Are Better? Marvel Or DC?

Every comic book fan in the world has their favorite comic characters and are loyal to their favorite brand of superhero movies. When these comic loyalists get together, the famous debate is Marvel vs. DC, who have the stronger heroes. Our library is also filled with several comic books from both marvel as well as DC, so we thought it only right that we even jump into the mix and give our two cents. 

For the sake of argument, we will pit two superheroes of the same category but different universes against each other and see who comes out the winner. While we are well aware that all the superheroes come with years and decades of backstory, it is only fair that we compare the modern versions. 

Captain Marvel Vs. Superman

Ironically we are pitting one of the newest superheroes with one of the oldest, but they both come under what we like to call the “Flying Brick” category, so let’s go. This is one of the most intense matchups we could find, which explains why it is the first to be mentioned. They both have similar levels of power, and they are both known for not giving up. However, in a fight against each other, Superman would likely reign superior. Clark Kent has fought against some of the most notorious villains like Captain Atom, World Forger, and Imperiex, while Carol has only conquered Yon-Rogg. We have to admit that it’s only been a few years since she has been in the running, so we may just have a rematch after she’s gained some more experience. 

Doctor Strange Vs. Zatanna 

While one sorcerer uses hand gestures and the other has to talk backward to cast spells, it is a pretty close call. However, Doctor Strange is our victor of choice. Not only is he the Sorcerer Supreme—He’s fought against evil gods and demonic entities daily! But he also took part in a war that lasted five thousand years, and he returned unscathed. 

Iron Man vs. Batman

It’s too bad these come under the ingenious inventors’ category. While the dark knight is one of my favorite superheroes of all time, even I cannot fight the fact that Iron Man’s suit alone can out beat any of Batman’sBatman’s inventions. Iron man has taken out Maniacal robots, rage monsters, and even gods with his suit, so Batman may not stand a chance against it for long. Although Batman may come up with something if he had enough prep time, Tony Stark would have the same, so although a close fight, Iron man does win.

Black Panther vs. Aquaman

Arthur Curry is not just a man; he’s the King of Atlantis, the wielder of Poseidon’s Trident, and insanely fast— close to the likes of Barry Allen. All of this not only spells disaster for T’challa as if ever there was a fight between the two, Black Panther will never be able to compete against Aquaman’s sheer strength. If the war were to escalate, then the armies of Atlantis would quickly wash out any of Wakanda’s defenses. 

Hawkeye Vs. Green Arrow 

Both of these characters are very similar, and who wins would probably be dictated by their weapons. While Green Arrow carries around scatter and net-arrows along with his signature Boxing Glove arrow, Hawkeye has Vibranium and Adamantium arrows in his arsenal. Not only are these stronger, but the later versions of Hawkeye can never miss a target. He just fires what look like strange shots to set the grounds for victory. 

QuickSilver Vs. The Flash

There are only two types of speedsters you can find in comic books those that are quick and those that are dead. Wally West and Pietro Maximoff are the fastest men alive today in their respective comic universes. While Wally West exceeds scientific limitations just by channeling the speed force, quick sliver can disarm bombs in nanoseconds and cannot be controlled by telepaths. While Wally has been able to outrun the Black Racer by running back and forth to the end of time, Quick sliver has only shown the average speedster’s abilities. This being said, Wally wins the Marvel Vs. DC fight hands down and because of his picosecond feats. 

Thor Vs. Wonder Woman 

No, this isn’t the war of the sexes just one between two children of Sky Father deities Thor Odinson and Diana of Themyscira. Both of these are incredibly strong and have taken out superheroes like the Hulk and Superman, respectively. Both of these are also meant to protect their universes with ease. Although the fight between these two will be a close call, it may just come down to their weapons of choice. Unfortunately, our leading lady will lose out here as Mjolnir can trump both the lasso of truth as well as her bracelets of submission. It will be a hard-won victory but a victory none the less for Thor. 

Hulk vs. Atrocitus

These are two warriors that are rage-filled, facing off each other. Atrocitus would probably burn the Hulk and try to restrain him using red constructs. This might be a slightly even fight right to the point when Hulk enters into the Worldbreaker state. Atrocitus would never have the ability to hold Hulk down for good. All the Hulk would really need to do to defeat Atrocitus is to take off the ring that replaces his heart and keeps him alive. This is a clear win for HulkHulk. 

Captain America vs. Green Lantern 

Both known to be soldiers and have each fought for their country in different forms of combat. They were also both chosen and given a gift that brought immense pressure along with it. While the captain has superior morals and leadership abilities, he can’t really hold a torch (no pun intended) to Green Lanterns’ ability to create anything with his mind. 

Spiderman vs. Dr. Manhattan 

Born from significant DNA mutation, both of these characters were first scientists. While Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, Dr. Manhattan became God adjacent. While we know who is more powerful, Peter Parker just might have enough resilience to manage a victory. However, for now, it is a point for Dr. Manhattan. 


While there may be more Marvel characters who beat their respective counterparts, they usually won by a hair. In comparison, the victors in DCs corner have outshined their competition. No one in any universe can compare to Superman, so maybe we can’t judge which comic book superheroes are the strongest without comparing listing out all about superheroes. Still, for now, we stand firmly behind marvel. 

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