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The Benefits of Creative Writing: How Grade Levels Improve

The Benefits of Creative Writing: How Grade Levels Improve


Creative writing has been shown to help improve grades in many different subjects. This is because such writing helps improve thinking skills, and it also helps students learn more about themselves as writers. If you are looking for ways to boost your child’s grade level, then one of the best things that you can do is encourage them to write creatively. In this article, we will discuss how creative writing improves grades and some tips on how you can get your child started with their own creativity!

What is creative writing?

Creative Writing

Creative writing is when a person writes about anything that they want, and it does not have to be based on any sort of factual event. Other types of writing often leave the reader with facts and information, however creative writing includes emotions to build a vivid vision in the reader’s mind.  Creative writing is often seen as a creative outlet for people to express themselves, and it can be used in many different ways.

Creative writing has been shown to improve grades, as well as make students more confident in their own abilities!

How Does Creative Writing Improve Grade Levels?

Now that we know creative writing is a fun way to express one’s thoughts, it certainly has benefits for your child. Creative writing improves a child’s academics and here are the 10 reasons how!

The Learning Process Enhances

Creative writing can be a fun way to express oneself as well as learn.  It’s not just about using creative words, but also improving how the brain works in learning new things. The process of doing creative work is much like problem-solving: you have a starting point that sets up an issue or question,  then you must think of a solution that satisfies the problem or answer.

It Helps Kids in All Subjects

Writing is not just about learning how to write, it’s also understanding and analyzing what other people are writing. Creative writing improves reading skills because your child will have a better understanding of new words as they read through creative stories with interesting plots.

Creative writing also helps with math skills. It’s been found that many kids think of numbers in terms of stories and people, so the creative process can help them build their understanding of math concepts more easily.

Creativity Improves School Retention Rates

Creative work is a form of play, which has been proven to increase serotonin levels linked to depression and anxiety.

It also helps to improve your child’s study habits, because they are more likely to pay attention in class when they’re already thinking about their creative projects at home.

Creative Writing Build Confidence in Studying

This type of writing helps kids feel more confident in their own abilities. It gives them the opportunity to explore different worlds and ideas without fear of being judged, which is something that can be difficult when it comes to schoolwork. The creative process teaches children how they can express themselves creatively through words. Thus, it makes them study and learn more to express themselves creatively.

Creative Writing Increase Multitasking

It can help your child learn how to multitask. One study found that creative writers were better at switching between tasks than their classmates who didn’t write creatively, and they also scored higher on tests of working memory.

Communication Skills Increases

Creative writing also teaches students how to communicate their ideas in a clear and concise manner. This is important for any educational setting, but it’s especially true for the higher grades, where verbal communication skills are more heavily relied upon. Your child will communicate well and be good with other students. This will make them learn from their fellow students as well as teach them. Hence, the improvement in grades will be for all the students around.

Social Skills  and Memory Skills Increases

Publishing creative work can teach children about collaboration. It can prepare them for working on group projects later in life or even starting their own businesses. It strengthens memory skills and increases intelligence. Students will be more focused in class because they’re thinking about what happens next to the characters that they have created.

Comprehension Skill Rises

Reading forces students to improve reading comprehension skills as well as grammar and vocabulary knowledge. One of the most important things your child can learn in school is how to read.

Exposure To Language

It provides an opportunity for students to experiment with different types of words, formats, and sentence structures. It broadens their understanding of the world by exposing them to more than just reading a story about what they did that day or describing who they are as a person.

Children Learn to Empathize

Writing helps students empathize with a story’s protagonist and understand their feelings, motivations, and reactions better. When they’re forced to create characters that have thoughts and feelings of their own, children can more easily get inside the heads of other people—even if it is only for a short period of time. This habit will also be applied in their day-to-day life. Thus, their good personalities will make them realize how important it is to study well and to help another child as well.

Does Creative Writing Pave Career Opportunities?

Career Opportunities

It can also help children develop skills that will be essential in the future. Creative writers are often able to think critically and creatively, two qualities that employers crave in employees.  By teaching kids to think creatively, you are laying the foundation for them to be successful later in life.

Final Thoughts

Kids really enjoy it! Creative writing also teaches children how to be more imaginative and explore their thoughts through art. It can also provide a good way for people who don’t know each other well to bond. School grades can be a burden and to evade such thoughts, writing comes in super handy. This is why children score better in academics because their stress can be laid off by their escape- creative writing! By finding their way of writing, kids can turn it into a superpower, allowing them to be more creative while having fun and doing something they enjoy. So keep motivating your little ones.

Keep writing!

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