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The right strategy for creating a good school magazine







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School magazines form an integral component of School life. They act as a storehouse of oozing creative talents, thus acting as the foundation of later prosperity. One’s calibre as a writer will be revealed while writing here. In this aspect, school magazines act as the places where we can take the talent to its zenith, and also as places of practising good writing. So what is the right strategy for composing the best school magazines? How can one make a perfect School magazine?  How can one be in the fray with the required talents? And what are the required talents? This blog will address such questions.

  1. The Magazine should have the apt name

What is in a name? You might ask but everything lies in a name actually. It is the first thing people notice when they chance upon your magazine. So we should be very choosy and picky in selecting a name. For example, if it’s about stories, adapt a name compatible with the idea. If the theme is sports, select a name related to that. If it is all about painting, find a name attached to it. The name should be catchy and relevant. If it is all about painting, find a name attached to it. The name should be catchy and relevant. People should notice it in the first glance.

2. Layout

The second most important thing is the layout of the magazine. You can either design it yourself or take the help of a professional designer. The design should be very attractive to the reader, making him turn the pages.  The colour formation plays an important part in having a perfect look.

3. The table of contents

This is also very important. When you have the relevant information in the table of contents, it is very easy for the readers to peruse the pages.  The layout for this section should also be catchy, making the reader move further.

4.            The information inside

An approach which is best for any school magazine is the disciplined approach.  Curate the content you got, edit it (You can even take the help of a professional editor here), and only after that publish it. You must rely on some style guide also.  There should not be any error of spellings, punctuation etc.  You must double-check it and ensure that the content is error-free. You can rely on some style guides as well. 

5.            The importance of pictures

Sometimes a picture can tell a story. If you have talented painters with you, you can take the help of him. It is also possible to hire a painter from outside as well.  The picture, like all the aforementioned elements, should be catchy.

6.            Check Grammar

It is of utmost importance that you should check the grammar.  No one likes to read a magazine with myriads of grammar errors. You can either do it yourself or hire an editor from outside.

School magazines are the budding grounds for new, raw talents. Many of the eminent writers today came through them. So we can clearly say this is the perfect place to find the literary superstars of tomorrow.

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