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10 Fun and Entertaining Activities for Kids

10 Fun and Entertaining Activities for Kids


You are lucky to have kids, but you are more fortunate to have kids that aren’t bored and are self-engaging.

Keeping up with kids is the modern-day problem all couples are facing. It is not that there aren’t many options but to go with the right choice takes a lot of time and decision making.

Children are full of energy, and they continuously need a source to channel that energy. But with quarantine and experiencing lockdown, kids are having a much tougher time than us. Handling over phones and laptops may seem to provide a short span of relief from their demands, but we have to find indoor games at home or you can say some fun activities for kids and get involved with them for a long-term solution. One of the significant concerns with kids and children are they get bored almost all the time, and in such a situation as a parent, it becomes challenging to come up with new activities every time that is fun for kids.

10 Fun and Entertaining activities for kids

Here we have 10 super awesome fun activities for kids with which you can keep your child engaged for some hours.

Draw on the wall

Well, it sounds more of an attack, but isn’t that what kids do with their crayons all the time?

Growing up as a kid, we all have left our masterpieces on the house walls. But you don’t want your kids to repeat your history, right? Don’t worry, here is an easy way.

Grab some sheet paper and tape them on the wall. Make sure the canvas that you provide them is more prominent than their regular drawing book. Now just give your little artist some crayons, and they are good to go. Let the little Picasso in them come out.

This is the most straightforward way to keep your child engaged and has always been a fun activity for kids. This is the most simple way to keep your child engaged. Also there are some best family games online available for your kids, but these indoor games are really fun.

Shape hunt: fun activities for kids

  • Gather some objects which he/she uses regularly.
  • Draw an outline of those objects on paper and then keep them back to their regular place.
Shape hunt: fun activities for kids
  • If you want to keep them engaged for more time, give this game some level. After completion of each class, reward them with candy or a little snack. And thus, they can be engaged for hours searching for the objects.
  • This may take some of your involvement at first, but since we are all in the quarantine scenario, these are some of the best things to do kids would love to get engaged in.

Find The Color

Make a similar colour palette for your kid and ask them to collect objects having that colour. You can make changes according to your preference, such as 3 objects of each colour or 5. This will help you develop your kid’s understanding of colours in their early years as well!

You can even restrict the area or even get them to write the objects they collected. In this way, you can even have a spelling game with the kids and even a handwriting test if you want. Activities for kids indoors can be entertaining if you let them explore themselves.

A fun round of indoor bowling

Collect some leftover paper rolls lying around your home and similarly arrange them. They just need to be standing on their own. Let your kid throw balls or roll them any way they like. After all, it is their version of the game. 

If not with rolls, you can always use empty or half-filled plastic water bottles as per your child’s age and interest.

A fun round of indoor bowling is a great activities for kids

You may also mark every bottle with some points and encourage your kids to score as much as possible. It is always fun for kids as children love to compete, and you both can have a match time together.

Glitter Volcano

Watching a homemade volcano can be quite fascinating for the kids. But let’s do it with a twist. Let’s make a glitter volcano. And this activity will encourage them to learn science!

For this, you will require a tall glass, baking soda, vinegar, glitters, and of course, a tray so that things won’t get messy.

Teach the kids some fun DIY crafts to play at home

Place a tall glass on the tray and then add some baking soda. Now, before adding vinegar add some glitter and mix it well. Then add vinegar to it and watch the colourful bubbles rise and flow out of the glass.

Kids will love it and you may experiment with various colours. Instead of glitters, you may also add food colours.

Teach them some fun DIY crafts

If you are looking for more activities to do, kids love to engage in is arts and crafts.

There are literally thousands of ideas that are fun for kids, from empty plastic bottles to ice cream sticks from paper mache use anything and everything to get your kid excited. You will be amazed to see how kids engage themselves in mundane things once they get the knack of it. Just keep an eye on them as a general precaution, and they are set for hours.

Some thumbprint art as engaging activities for kids

You can make a lot of paintings with your thumb impressions. You just need some watercolours and a drawing book. Make a tree or balloons or even cute animals with your thumb impressions.

Clay & Dough

If you are looking for more activities for kids that are creative and engaging, you can always buy them wet clay readily available in the market in different colours, shapes, and thicknesses. This is one of those fun games for kids to play at home.

Or you can just add some food colours to your regular dough and give them to your child. It may get messy at first, but these are cool things to do. Kids would love to make their own small toys and tiny animals to play with.

Scratch Art

Give your child plain white paper and some oil pastel crayons to fill the paper with colours. Ask them to use as many colours as they like. The more colours, the better.

In a separate bowl, mix a black acrylic colour with a dish, spreading the mixture evenly. Allow it to rest before applying a second coat. Make sure the paper is thick enough, or else you might not get the desired results. Then give your child a toothpick to scratch his way towards his masterpiece.

You can say it to be an updated version of the drawing itself. The more you let your kids be free, the more fun activities for kids you can think of.

A game of Hopscotch & some puzzles

Play a hopscotch game and introduce some new rules in it.

Take some coloured paper and cut them into different shapes. Then as you call out the shape’s names, they have to jump on that shape (circle, triangle, square). This way, you can teach them shapes while playing and having fun.

And a Jigsaw puzzle has always been fun for kids and is an excellent way of testing your kids’ patience and mental skills. A good mystery can engage them for hours, and you don’t have to worry about them.


Understand that your involvement is necessary for such arts and activities for kids. If you are not willing to participate in these activities for kids, you can’t complain about how bored your children feel all day.

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