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10 Fun Ways To Train Your Child's Creativity


Mautushi Paul




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Child’s Creativity is considered a gift by many, but if you look at it for it, creativity seems more like a skill than a gift. It takes patience and practice to develop skills such as creativity, and children are often the best subjects because they learn faster than adults.

Kids’ imaginations run wild at times, which can seem almost impossible to control. While this may not be an issue when your child is drawing dinosaurs or practising shapes with sidewalk chalk outside, letting kids explore their imagination for too long can cause trouble in other social situations (and even danger). Children who constantly flit from idea to idea usually present challenges that drive parents mad – mainly when those ideas include taking apart the television or climbing up something tall. Let us proceed to know how to develop creativity in children.

10 ways to enhance your child’s creativity

Here are ten fun ways for you to train your child’s creativity development:

1. Encouraging them to make things from found objects 

Taking familiar objects from around the house and turning them into something new is an excellent way for kids (and adults) to use their imaginations. It teaches art skills such as color theory, perspective, and how to build 3-D objects.

2. Let them explore 

One of the best ways children can learn about their world is by experimenting with it. The child who plays in a self-made mud pit will understand where mud comes from (and bath time will be her new favorite!). The child who helps you water all your plants will understand how food becomes available on the dinner table (and probably want to eat kale all day). And a child who has access to different tools or household items can feel empowered enough to fix things around the house. This is a great way for your child’s creative development.

3. Teach them the basics of computer code 

Kids would be amazed at what they could accomplish if they knew how to write (or at least read) computer code. It’s not as hard as it seems, and once they understand the basics, it’s easy to move forward on their own.

4. Help them discover nature 

Making a child appreciate nature at an early age is essential because these are the times when they would be most open to trying new things. Being exposed to nature becomes more difficult as they get older because their routines are filled with schoolwork or extra-curricular activities that keep them inside for extended periods. The child who learns how to identify different types of trees will always have something amazing to share every time you go out into the woods together!

5. Read or introduce stories about other cultures 

This one requires that you do some research ahead of time. Every child is unique, and reading stories about different people will help them realize that they are not the only child on earth. Learning how other children live can be very eye-opening for some kids!

6. Introduce a child to games like Chess

A child who knows how to play chess is automatically more likely (and capable) of solving problems in real life by using their head instead of being ruled by emotions. This could have an impact on his/her ability to deal with adults as well as other children in a friendly manner since he has already learned how different pieces can work together towards achieving a common goal!

7. Teach a child how to draw or paint 

As you can see, art is a great way to enhance a child’s creativity. And since you have already started showing the child that he can do it, just give the child the tools and let your child explore his imagination!

8. Play word games with children 

Gather some key vocabulary words for various subjects like science, history, grammar, etc., and quiz children on these words in an informal way. This will enhance the child’s creativity because the child would constantly be thinking about new comments and their meanings, thus strengthening the child’s vocabulary!

9. Encourage the child to write a diary 

Writing is something that encompasses both your child’s creativity as well as analytical skills. Therefore it should not be surprising if the child starts expressing his/her opinions on certain things clearly and understandably while writing in a diary!

10. Participate in social activities with children 

It has been found that children who take part in social activities have better abilities to think creatively. Than those who do not take part in any social activities. If the child likes playing football, go out there and play with him too! Or if the child likes to dance, you can also go and dance with the child. Creative play child development is as important as education.


Enhancing your child’s creativity is an essential step towards a child’s success in life. Your child will be much more successful if the child has good creative skills. Therefore you must try to do it in a fun and learning way so that your child can make the most out of it.

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