Hobbies that helps child development

Four hobbies that can aid child development

Four hobbies that can aid child development

Hobbies are of utmost importance to the child, especially he or she is in their formative stages. Have you ever thought about how do children learn about the art of socialization?  As most of the rules of socializing are unwritten, they learn the art through a psychological process known as ‘mirroring’.  Mirroring is the copying of adult behaviour by children. Through this children learn about the social cues and how to act appropriately in social situations. In this aspect, as children can be very fond of hobbies, they can do their part in aiding in the social development of children.

When it comes to hobbies, there are two types-:

1.            The Enriching ones

2.            The unimportant ones

The enriching ones are the hobbies that can act as the catalysts in the emotional, personal development of children.  For example, some children will consider writing or reading as a hobby.  This would spur the creative stimulus in children and will be very helpful in their academics as well. The main aim of this blog is to suggest some of the enriching hobbies and assume in what ways they could be of help to children.

1.            Reading

Reading is a mesmerizing process. When you read something, you are opening the portals of new experiences, ushering a new era of newer perspectives. What should a child read? This seems to be a million-dollar question. There can be a plethora of answers. They can read books such as one thousand and one nights ( They can interact and mingle with the characters, such as Aladdin and Sinbad the sailor), and works by C.S.Lewis, E.B.White and JRR Tolkien etc. It’s good to take notes as well, as this would improve their handwriting. Some of the other suggestions include the Aesop Fables, The Tenali Rama tales, The Birbal tales, The Mulla Hoja tales,  The Effendi tales etc

2.            Music

Music can be considered as a very interesting hobby. Music can soothe your mind and at times can spur your imagination as well.  The most important thing about music is that you should find a good teacher to teach it.  Music will aid the development of the child in better ways, into a well- rounded personality.

3.            Painting

What kind of feeling it will be when you look at the works of legendary painters such as Raja Ravivarma? It will be an ecstatic experience for sure.  Children will find this hobby very interesting as it would give them a chance to paint even their surroundings. This creative spark makes it one of the most demanding hobbies. But as in the case of music, one should find a teacher to learn it properly.

4.            Writing

Reading and writing are interrelated. When one is into reading, he sometimes naturally develop the ability to write. Most of the times this can happen. If the child shows interest in writing stories and such, encourage him to read more, only then he will learn more about the craft and the enthusiasm.

Children are our hopes for a better tomorrow. So it is our duty, as their guardians, as parents and teachers to guide them into a glorious future.

Four hobbies that can aid child development