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5 Activities boost self esteem in children?

5 Activities boost self esteem in children?

What Do You Mean by Self Esteem?

It is the collective ability of the individual to do the prescribed things with precision in a confident manner. Where does it stem from? We have a plethora of answers for this. The initial experiences when one was a child can contribute immensely to developing ones’ self-esteem. Other than that, the experiences a child has till he becomes an adult also has a bearing on the psyche.

a child with self esteem

So, in that sense, self esteem is the ability one has to do things with precision. People with greater self-esteem will carve out their niches much easily; it has been observed. They also become independent more quickly.

This blog will primarily focus on some of the activities that will help in developing healthy self esteem.

Games that Boost Self Esteem

Children are generally restless. They will be brimming with energy, most of the time. To channelize that energy, what can we do? We can make them engage in various types of social activities so that they will be busy. 

For example, if a child engages in games such as cricket and football, some of the energy will be expended. Some of the games a child can play include cricket, football, softball, volleyball, tennis etc. Making progress in such tournaments will create a positive impact on the child’s mind and generally improve his confidence. Playing these games every day will create a routine and develop skills such as teamwork etc.

Reading and Writing

parent reading to the child

These are two interlinked activities that are having tremendous importance in the life of the child. By reading books, the child will acquire wisdom and develop a unique perspective to look at the world. For this, firstly, we have to find their favourite genre. 

Some of the books we can give them include one thousand and one nights, the brothers Grimm’s tales, the Pancha tantra tales and the jataka tales. You can also try authors such as Roald Dahl, JRR Tolkien, E.B.White and C.S.Lewis. At the same time, if you can divine the creative spark latent in the child, encourage them to write. The child will be influenced by what he reads and what he sees, but he must be encouraged to write.

Excellence in Studies

What can one do if one finds the subject one studies dull and dreary? As their guardians, we can help them connecting textbooks with real-world experiences. This simplification of things will increase the interest of the child in studies and improve his quality of studying. This will further boost his self-esteem as well.

Public Speaking

public speaking increases self esteem

Public speaking is an integral part of social skills. Most of the time, we have seen children getting exasperated at the prospect of facing a larger audience. You can take care of this by adequately and appropriately guiding them by their guardians. Practising in front of the mirror can be an excellent technique.

Musical activities for Self Esteem

Engaging the child in musical activities, if he is interested, will help develop better self-esteem. Here also, appropriate training is necessary.

Children are our hope for a better tomorrow. By guiding them appropriately, we are doing our part in shaping up the upcoming generations.


self esteem leads to success in life

Is self esteem an acquired thing? This question we have to ponder over here. Do you know how children learn about the environment they live in? How are they able to understand the unwritten social rules? Is it possible to get a coherent answer? The answer is yes; it can be acquired. You can develop self esteem in kids through positive affirmations and various activities.

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