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10 Ideas for DIY Diwali Gifts


Samadrita Chakraborty




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Diwali is around the corner. Have you thought about how you will surprise your near and dear ones? Busy schedule and you had no time for that, right? Understandable. Good luck that you have landed on the right page. You will get ten unique DIY Diwali gift ideas

These gifts are not very time-consuming. You can still manage these gifts even if it is at the last minute. So, let us put a smile on our dear ones’ faces this Diwali. 

Diwali Gift Hampers DIY

The rhythm of life has become fast, and we get minimal time to spend with our children. Why not use festive seasons to make their childhood a little more vibrant? Purchasing some expensive gifts from big brands is easier for Diwali gifts. But that lacks that personal touch. Do you not want to plant that warmth in your child where they love their dear ones and genuinely care for them? Let us know how you can make these DIY things for Diwali in the shortest possible time. 

Paper String Lights

Paper String Lights

Paper comes to our mind whenever we think of something DIY. So, we should start with paper string lights. Cut papers and add them with glue in different shapes. Now, fit lights inside them, or you can add them one by one on a string light. Both ideas will look stunning when implemented correctly. 

Eco-Friendly Diyas

Eco-Friendly Diyas

We all know the pollution rate and how it affects mother earth. Therefore, changing the pattern of any celebration is the need of the hour. Create eco-friendly diyas. You can reuse the scale of a lemon. Clean it well and stuff it with wax. Put a candle wick, and your candles are done! Give two to three hours to get the entire candle fixed. 

Tealight Holder 

Pistachio is a must-include in Diwali’s gift hamper, right? Use the shells of the pistachios to make a tealight holder with glue and colour. Paint the covers if you do not need the original colour. 

Upcycled Tin Jewellery Box 

“Jewellery boxes are too cliched to give to someone as a gift.” You may have heard statements like this. What about giving those boring boxes a new outlook? Paint them in rainbow colours. Designing the boxes with a Madhubani painting style can draw quick attention to these mere tin boxes. 

Pressed Flower Candles 

Pressed Flower Candles

Flowers and Diwali are inseparable. You cannot complete the celebration without the diyas as well. So, why not incorporate flowers, candles and Diwali together? Make candles with pressed flowers. Trust me, these candles will fill your loved one with joy. 

Mithai Hamper

Mithai Hamper

How can a celebration be completed without a little “Mu mitha”? In India, sweets are considered pious for any occasion. Pack a mithai hamper and beautifully decorate it with flowers and colours. Use colourful paper to add more spice to this hamper. 



Since this digital age has come into existence, we have stopped taking an interest in DIY Diwali greeting cards. But, people still nurture a great fondness for books. So, if you are planning to send hampers to a bookworm, designing a cool bookmark with some Diwali ethnicity would be wise. 

Henna Hand Dish

Henna Hand Dish

Have you ever made something out of plaster of Paris? If you have, designing a henna hand dish is easy. If you have not, let us guide you. Mix the henna and plaster of Paris and create a hand shape. This can be a holder for tiny yet beautiful home décor. 

Reshaped Soaps

“Can we include soaps in DIY Diwali gift ideas?” If this question is roaming in your mind. I have an answer for it. Yes, we can. Purchase glycerin soaps and reshape them into crystals. They will look too cute and unique as they are colourful and transparent. Your gift recipient may stay jaw-dropped for a second after receiving this hamper. 

Clay Magnets 

Nowadays, people tend to collect little pieces of memories. What is more beautiful than a clay magnet to save as a memory? The process is straightforward. Just purchase some creative clay and give them shape. Now, paint something on them. As your kid is the creator, they will paint their favourite cartoon or gaming characters. Let their imagination roll out!

This Diwali, play that forgotten string from your memory lane and revitalise the festival’s spirit. Make your Diwali count with this handful of gift hampers with unique DIY ideas. 

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