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Every custom has to begin somewhere. Whether you got a big family with several Christmas traditions — beloved dinner delicacies to make, cookies to bake, carols to sing, and ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree — or a small group with a few cherished customs, It’s always wondrous to try your hand at something anew, May this Christmas bring a lot of joy in your life.


Christmas is a renowned Christian holiday that falls in late December and is noted for its decorations and Santa Clause. It is celebrated every year commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ; it is marked on the 25th of December as a cultural and religious event by many people all over the world. Christmas is observed in all Christian countries but there are distinctions in the manner each nation commemorates this date.

The history of Christmas

The history of Christmas goes long back to 336 A.D in Rome, where the first Christmas was celebrated. Even though it played a crucial role during the famous Arian conflict in 300, The Epiphany Day overtook it in the early years of middle age.

Approximately 800 A.D. Christmas were reintroduced to the public eye when Emperor Charlemagne was crowned on Christmas Day. However, in the 17th century, the Puritans outlawed Christmas as the festival was connected with drunkenness and other forms of disobedience.

Around 1660, it was designated as a proper holiday, but it was still frowned upon. The Oxford movement of the Anglican Communion church, which began in the early 1900s, made the greatest contribution to the resurrection of Christmas.

The Christmas festive activities

Christmas is a cultural celebration that needs extensive planning. People get enough time off to celebrate as it is a public holiday. Most people begin their Christmas preparations early so that the festivities may begin on Christmas Eve. There are myriads of activities that go into Christmas preparations. It includes decorations, food, and gifts that are typically purchased for kids in the family and friends. Most families go on shopping to buy everyone’s Christmas attire at the same time.

The standard preparation mostly starts with Lighting and decorating the area with a Christmas tree. The house must be cleaned thoroughly before the beginning of the decorations. Christmas cheer is brought into homes when the Christmas tree gets decorated. Lightening the tree is a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance to your holiday gatherings. Lights and fires are used at Christmas and other winter festivities to signify life and warmth in the midst of the cold and gloom of winter. These customs, such as gift-giving, have endured.

The brilliantly lighted evergreen tree with strings of multicoloured lights is the most magnificent symbol of a modern Christmas. In recent years, unique themed illuminated trees that deviate from tradition have risen in popularity. Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun activity, which the whole family enjoy together. The tree’s beauty is enhanced by the Christmas lights, ornaments, and tree toppers. The ambience of a fully decorated and lit Christmas tree is palpable. It infuses the air with the warmth, love, and joy that the holiday season is known for. Apart from the Christmas tree, illumination can be found on rooftops, driveways, homes, restaurants, and commercial establishments.

  • Giving gift boxes to the special ones

Since it is the time of year when people follow the ritual of gifting with all their heart and soul, Christmas is synonymous with “gifts.” The entire world puts on their thinking caps to discover the perfect type of gift for their special someone. When you’re looking for a gift for someone special in your life, the most important thing to remember is to examine the person’s taste. Because there are so many possibilities, all you have to do is choose the best one for the individual. Presents are wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree in gift boxes, to be opened on Christmas Day. The churches are thoroughly cleaned and decked out for the occasion to usher in Christmas. People perform songs and skits on Christmas Day.

  • Friends and family get together

People normally spend a lot of money on Christmas; therefore saving money for these plans should be the first thing on your to-do list. Families also plan to travel to be together throughout the holiday season. In this day and age, turkey is a popular dinner all around the world. Friends and family often sent cards to wish them a nice holiday and to express affection. Homemade Christmas gifts can save money depending on the materials used, but they do cost you time, so it’s a fair exchange. However, there is another advantage to crafting this year’s Christmas gifts by hand. You may rest assured that the present you offer will be one-of-a-kind. You have the luxury and comfort of knowing that this will never happen to you when you make your own present. Enjoy this Christmas with your children and relatives by giving them new gifts and making it a memorable and joyful occasion.

  • Christmas carols and delicacies

Christmas carols will get broadcast on radio and television to commemorate the occasion. Most families begin this auspicious day by attending church, where they can see plays and sing. After that, they reunite with their families to give gifts and celebrate with food and music. Unlike many other festivals, Christmas offers more joy and a happy time with near and dears.

Christmas cuisines include homemade classic plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins. The kids in the family are flooded with gift boxes and new outfits. They also get to meet ‘Santa Claus,’ who greets them with hugs and gifts while clad in a fluffy red and white outfit.


The Christmas season has emphasised the significance of giving and sharing with family and friends. We got to know that the birth of Jesus is the beginning of many wonderful things in the world only when we started celebrating Christmas. Generally, it is a time to reflect on nature and the cause of our existence. Even though it is a Christian event, Christmas is a festival that people of different religions and faiths around the world celebrate. The speciality of this celebration is that it brings so many people together.

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