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Different Diwali Card Ideas That Could Excite Your Child


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Just like the Diwali light, how beautiful will it be to see your child’s face brightened with a ray of happiness. We usually give them crackers, sweets, toys and other valuables as a Diwali gift. So what about a hand-drawn/designed card? diwali cards made of innocent efforts and love usually melt hearts— a much personalized gift for your most precious one. 

Ask the kid to give a thought on diwali cards ideas as a creative exercise. They will stumble upon cards with standardized templates and overused visuals. But what we require is something simple and meaningful that can carry all the cute wishes. We just want to see them enjoy and share their happiness with others. So let’s make cards that could bring a smile on your child’s face.

Diwali Delight with Diya

Diwali Diya

What is be the first thing that comes to our mind while thinking about Diwali?  As it is the celebration of lights, Diya should definitely be the primary contender. So, let’s plan something with Diya as the center of attraction.

Materials Required 

The materials required to make this Diwali card are greeting cards, red and yellow paper (marble), glue and colored pens.

How to Make

  • Take a card and draw an attractive Diya.
  • Cut the red marble papers into pieces.
  • Apply glue on the picture, then attach marble papers to the Diya.
  • Similarly make one with the yellow paper for the flame.
  • Use your best wish to make it a brilliant greeting card idea

These vibrant Diya featured cards will drive your kids’ friends crazy and they will indulge in the true spirit of the festival. 

Rangoli Redefined

Diwali Rangoli

Every celebration is like a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. One of the most attractive factors of Diwali is the rangoli that welcomes happiness to our home. Your child also loves to watch and play around the rangoli. So what about including a rangoli inside your child’s greeting card ? 

Materials Required

The materials required to make this diwali card are blank cards , pens, sketch pens and colors.

How to Make

  • Draw a beautiful rangoli in the greeting card
  • Fill the circles with attractive colors
  • Add the picture of your recipient  in the center of the rangoli.
  • Write a beautiful quote under the rangoli as a wish.
  • Design the greeting card more attractively with glitters , if available.

These highly beautiful cracker greeting cards will make your neighborhood decorative and will spread the spirit of brotherhood.

Cracking Gift

The most exciting part of Diwali for a child will definitely be crackers. They always want to make a noise that could attract everyone for sure. So let’s include their biggest excitement into your diwali card-making ideas.

Materials Required

The materials required to make this Diwali card are greeting cards , pencil, color pens and glitter pens.

How to Make

  • Draw a different cracker in the greeting card that’s about to burst in the sky
  • Write Happy diwali in the sky using glitter pens
  • Wish them something sweet in the card

The highly energetic crackers cards will spread laughter around your child’s gang and  will make them electrifying.

Card of Togetherness

Diwali helps us to get together with family and friends. It is a festival of togetherness with family and friends coming home. So, what about bringing guests into your greeting card ideas? 

How to Make

The materials required to make this diwali card are  greeting cards, pencil, photo, glitter pens and gluestick.

  • Draw a beautiful rangoli at the bottom of the greeting card
  • Color the rangoli with recipients favorite colors
  • Attach a family photo inside the greeting card with the recipient in it
  • Write everyone’s name inside the card and wish everyone

The highly emotional cards of affection will bring love among the family members and they will embrace your child with fondness.

Superhero Diwali 

Superhero Diwali

On Diwali, we celebrate moments together with lights and crackers. But for your child, we can connect something different to the Diwali festival. Let’s consider his favorite idol or superhero. Ask your child how your superhero will celebrate Diwali. Plant the idea and help them create a different Diwali handmade card idea.

How to Make

The materials required to make this Diwali card are greeting cards , small cartoon stickers/ superhero stickers, glitter pens, sketch pens and gluestick.

  • Draw a diya inside the greeting card
  • Apply glue on the cartoon stickers
  • Add the stickers above the diya
  • Stick cartoon stickers your child like inside the card 
  • Write a wish from the character in the card using a glitter pen

Write a wish from the character in the card using a glitter pen

The superhero card made by your child will have a huge fan base among his peers. His efforts in creating  it will make your child a superhero among them.

Diwali Craft Making Idea

Besides manual greeting cards, many different types of digital cards are available on the internet. Your child can use apps like crafty, festival poster maker, brands.live to make various types of easy Diwali card ideas.  

In the app,  your child can select the ornated border required for the greeting card and add types of images that are needed.

Share the Happiness

The best way to celebrate Diwali is to share your happiness with others. Let your child understand the value of Diwali through sharing the greeting cards of love, togetherness and blessings.

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